February 27, 2019
How I’m prepping my skin for the wedding
We've had extremely windy and cold days (although seasonably warmer than usual), which was drying my skin out. The weather really won't change here much before we leave, so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands before the wedding.
January 23, 2019
All About the Dyson Airwrap (and why it’s a complete gamechanger)
Can you imagine only ever needing just one tool to do your hair? Neither could I. Sometimes I just want a quick blowdry, other times I just want a clean and sleek look, and occasionally I want a loose curl if I have time. Enter: the Dyson Airwrap.
January 15, 2019
What do you think of… Tan Luxe Drops?
The most recent product that I finally decided to try were these Tan Luxe face drops. I've seen friends sharing that they love them and they have rave reviews on many sites. I figured it was time to give them a try!
March 8, 2018
All Day SPF with Supergoop!
Skincare is a common denominator in all beauty-related conversations that I have with my closest friends, and even co-workers. With so many products available these days great skincare is more accessible than ever. Our parents’ generation didn’t ...
January 16, 2018
My Winter Weekend Skincare Routine
The truth is I don't have as much time during the week to really give my skin some extra love that it so desperately needs in the winter. Sure, I do my best but I don't go above and beyond.
November 30, 2017
5 Products That Fight Dry Skin
As soon as the weather changed I immediately noticed a difference in my skin. Leave it to a drop in the temperatures to remind you that your skin can become dry and cracked overnight! I struggle with keeping my skin nourished with the change in se ...
October 24, 2017
New Scents & New Memories
My memories are very much tied to scents and photos. One of the reasons I'm so happy that we have these pictures is because I know that any time I look at them again even 20+ years from now I'll remember that day and the joy, surprise and love that I ...
September 19, 2017
The NEW Beauty Products You Need To Try
I'm not so secretly a beauty product junkie. I love trying new products and testing things out – I have since I was a little girl and would raid my mother's beauty drawers just out of curiosity. These days not much has changed!
August 2, 2017
Eyebrow Perfection & All About Microblading
For years I've been going to Benefit or other eyebrow spots for a brow tint and shaping, but that was becoming both costly and difficult and also very temporary. The idea of getting permanent makeup on my eyebrows seemed intimidating and I didn't lik ...
July 18, 2017
5 Step Morning Makeup Routine
Getting ready in the morning has become a shorter and quicker process these days. What used to take more like 45+ minutes in my early 20's is now more like 15-20 minutes, tops ... all in. I've become a creature of habit lately, too and pretty much ...
May 17, 2017
Beauty Review: Bobbi Brown Foundation
How many of you guys wear foundation? My guess is it's about 50/50.
May 4, 2017
My Skincare Journey
Skincare to me is just as personal as style is. My skin is the way it is today because of the decisions I've made, where I've been, where I've lived, and what I've put in my body. Truthfully, I haven't always felt very comfortable with my skin for a ...
April 28, 2017
5 Steps To A Sleek Blowout
If you've been following my blog for a while you've probably noticed that I hardly ever wear my hair totally straight. If you know me in real life you've probably rarely seen me that way as well. I just haven't typically liked the way that my hair lo ...
April 13, 2017
Makeup 101: 7 Face Brushes Explained
My first experimentation with makeup brushes came from going into my mom’s bathroom when I was little and pulling them out of her cup and drawers and pretending like I was putting on makeup. I remember being so curious why there are so many shapes ...
March 29, 2017
Senteurs D’Orient Soap
I still remember the smell of the soap that my Grandmother used to use. She was a bar soap kind of lady and in turn so became my mom. I didn't use body wash until I was an adult and used to think it was so strange when I would spend the night at my f ...
March 17, 2017
Face Mask 101
I tried my first face mask a few years back and remember the feeling I had when I first put it on – it was slimy and I had no idea if I was doing it right. Fast forward about 10 minutes to when I took it off and I was amazed at how beautiful and mo ...
March 15, 2017
3 Products That Will Change Your Workweek Workouts
If you struggle with working out during the week, raise your hand. I see all of you… I’m right there with you. Whether it’s a) not being a morning person, b) not enjoying late night workouts, or c) not having time to squeeze it in over yo ...
February 23, 2017
February Beauty Files: Skincare Edition
I had been looking forward to the long weekend for a lot of reasons – this year has had a very interesting start and has been a mix of stressful, emotional and just a little off for me personally. We didn't have anything crazy planned and I was so ...
January 26, 2017
The Skincare Serum You Need For Winter
Every now and then I come across a product that works so well, I feel obligated to tell just about everyone that I know. It's been a while since I've shared my daily routine and every few months it changes ever so slightly. This summer I was all a ...
November 9, 2016
5 Makeup Must-Haves
Every year around this time I get the exact same itch to toss all of my old makeup and just hit refresh. Thankfully due to a lack of a home for it during the move I had a chance to do exactly that last week. For as much makeup as I've accumulated, ...