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March 17, 2017
Face Mask 101

face masks, la mer brilliance brightening mask

I tried my first face mask a few years back and remember the feeling I had when I first put it on – it was slimy and I had no idea if I was doing it right. Fast forward about 10 minutes to when I took it off and I was amazed at how beautiful and moist my skin felt. I was instantly sold.

Healthy, beautiful skin takes some hard work. I’ve been on a journey over the past 5 or so years to improve my skin’s condition and reverse the years and years of sun damage I had inflicted upon myself from growing up playing soccer. While there are specific products I use for targeted help, face masks are incredible ways to really give your entire face treatment for a variety of things all at once and relatively quickly. Think of it like a shot of espresso, but for your face!

Whether it’s extremely dry skin, rosacea, or fine lines that you’re trying to remedy there’s really a mask for solution for anything. The other best thing about them is that they come in a lot of different types. I’ll break down a few of my favorites below:


These are quick and easy to use, usually only taking about 10-15 minutes of your time. Personally I enjoy these on nights when I’m staying in and want to flip through a magazine or just relax after a long day. Be warned – you’re going to look ridiculous with them on, but it doesn’t take long. They come in all different types: hydrating, brightening, detoxifying, you name it.

I use these for hydrating most frequently – it’s like giving your face 10 glasses of water and maintains its moisture in the days following. This Dr. Jart version is only $7.50 and you can get Sephora brand ones for just $6 (there are 8 different kinds!). For a serious splurge that’s worth it, try the Erno Laszlo sheet masks or an SK-II facial treatment mask. These are kind of like going to the spa and getting a facial, but at home.


These are easy to apply, easy to wash off, and are less gooey that sheet masks can be. You can control the amount that you put on your face and it feels more like you’re putting on a lot of moisturizer. My favorite of these is the new La Mer Brilliance Brightening Mask. It will set you back a pretty penny, but the 2 step process hits your skin tone, hydration, and brightening all in one. The reason it’s such a splurge is because it includes La Mer’s Miracle Broth and has super anti-oxidant concentrate in the creme – plus it’s a lot and will last you months.


These are great for clarifying and work wonders on your pores. You apply them by hand and spread the “mud” all over your face and rinse after you’re done. My friends swear by the Glamglow mud mask and say that it’s amazing. You definitely might get a little messier with these and it’s not as simple as just pressing it onto your face, but pretty easy to hit all of the target areas with your fingers.


Some masks you’re able to wear overnight so that their effects really sink in. They’re slightly more expensive than sheet masks, but on par with the price of your regular moisturizer. Think of it like a deep conditioner, but for your face. They have amazing moisturizing benefits and a little goes a long way. You should also apply on your neck as well! Some of the best sleeping masks are

Sephora also has a really affordable version of these, too at just $4.

Once you get more comfortable you can start trying things like charcoal masks that help remove dead skin cells. There are really masks for anything and everything.

If you’re not sure where to start, a good place would be a set like this where you can dabble with a few different ones and see what your skin likes the best.

What’s your favorite type of mask? If you’re a newbie let me know how your first experience goes!

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