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March 15, 2017
3 Products That Will Change Your Workweek Workouts

yuni beauty, workout cleansers

yuni beauty, workout cleansers

yuni beauty, workout cleansers

If you struggle with working out during the week, raise your hand.

I see all of you… I’m right there with you.

Whether it’s a) not being a morning person, b) not enjoying late night workouts, or c) not having time to squeeze it in over your lunch break, there’s a reason that keeps us all from getting in that gym or workout class door.

For me it’s currently that I am A and now B. I’ve never been a morning person and am trying to be much better about it, but it’s so tough. The only way I can swing it before work is to shower there which means bringing all of my stuff to get ready with me and then into the office – no thanks.

I can usually squeeze in a quick workout after work, but a lot of times I just want to get home and spend time with MG if we have a night where we’ll both be home.

When I first heard about Yuni Beauty I stopped in my tracks. Could these products really make my hair not as gross post-yoga and allow me to go to work? Would the shower sheets solve the problems of morning Y-7 and no showers or locker rooms?

The answer is a resounding: yes.

I’m sharing 3 really cool products with you today that will flip your workout routine upside down.


The package comes with 12 wipes that are pre-moistened and ready to help you not smell like you just left a workout class. You use it just like you would a washcloth and I make sure I get the sweatiest areas of my body the best. I use a small hand towel to dry myself off first. These are also great if you’re traveling and don’t have time to shower before going to an event, but you want to do a quick refresh. Assuming you use a couple a week, the box might last you a month and a half and is only $15. My recommendation? Worth. It.


This one is a leave in conditioning mist that’s heat activated to work as your body temperature rises during your workout. My head gets really sweaty and I still find myself needing to dry it out after each class, but I don’t feel like my hair is quite as crazy when I use it. If you’re the lucky types that don’t need to blow dry your hair everyday this is probably going to perfect for you.


My favorite thing about this product is that you would think after working out a foam would leave you with a sticky feeling, but that’s not the case at all. After working out towel dry and apply the foam all over rubbing it in well. It’s pretty similar to the sheets but better in my opinion if you’re going to be using this product a lot. The sheets are great for throwing in your bag or suitcase and this foam is awesome if you’re a regular at a morning class.

Now that I don’t have an excuse to go to a morning Pop Physique Class anymore, I’ll go ahead and book that 7 a.m. one now…

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