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July 31, 2011

Lauren Conrad recently launched a beauty site called ‘The Beauty Department’ that is full of great tips on makeup, hair, and the like. Recently I was browsing around and saw this post that Jamie Chung hair modeled in (she’s my girl crush) and it actually is very similar to what I do with my own hair when I curl it for a night out. I figured a re-post was necessary, so if you want to see the original you can go here (photo and instructions taken from this and modified to my routine). Enjoy!

1: After showering I will add Sebastian texturizer to my hair to give it a little more volume and hold and blow dry my hair. My hairstylist taught me to pull sections of hair dry them in the opposite direction that they normally lay – this will build volume.

2: I haven’t ever tried this step where you put your hair up in a bun, but my hair easily creases with rubber bands so I’m going to pass…

3: While your hair is still warm, set the top with velcro rollers. These used to be so mystifying to me until my stylist as Osgood-Oneil salon in Dallas used them on my hair last time I got it cut. They are amazing! If you set them while your hair is still warm you will get a natural curl, or you can use them to set a curling ironed section for a looser curl. If you don’t have them already, invest in some silver clips to set them with.

4: Curl the remainder of your hair “up and back” away from your face, and then you can do 1 of 2 things – secure them by rolling them back into a curl with a silver clip OR use velcro rollers to roll the curl back into the roller. I’m currently experimenting with the second option having always done it the first way. What I’ve found so far is that setting them after curling with a velcro roller will give you a little looser of a curl so just go with the method that will give you the result you’re looking for.

5: Keep on curlin.

6: Allow them to set until they are completely cool. I typically take this time to do my eye makeup since my hair is pulled back and out of my face.

7: If you used clips only, take them out and let the curls fall. If you used velcro rollers all around, kind of twist them out gently since they stick to your hair and you don’t want to pull the curl out too roughly.

8. If you want a little more curl in your top pieces, you can curl them quickly with your curling iron but I wouldn’t recommend holding it for long or else you will have super curly top hair. After this step I will typically turn my head upside down and loosely shake the curls between my fingers to loosen them up and give it a more wavy look. Use a lighter hold hairspray to keep your curls bouncy all day/night without them being sticky and rigid.

9: You can also tease your crown a little by backcombing the top of your hair if you want even more volume.

10: Style just the way you want it… and go have fun! You look fabulous :)

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