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August 3, 2011
won’t you be my friend

Jak and Jil inspiration for an Honestly WTF DIY wrap bracelet

The Man Repeller’s arm party

Honestly WTF friendship bracelet DIY

Honestly WTF DIY rope bracelets

Lately I can’t help but notice how much attention everyone is bringing to the wrists – bracelets and friendship bracelets in particular are back and bigger than ever. The more the merrier, the brighter the better – anything goes. I’ve been crazily inspired to make my own bracelets lately… they’re everywhere and the tutorials look so easy and like a lot of fun! I saw this DIY Marni bracelet tutorial a few months ago and was inspired to make my own, but I haven’t had a chance to try any of these others out yet. I found that using rope mixed with ribbon made for the coolest combination, and strips of fabric just ended up being incredibly messy/shredded mess everywhere. Here’s a shot of the bracelet I made with the tutorial – what do you think? Are you open to trying to make your own?

Love your bracelet. And aaaaalll the others. I am kind of obsessed with this trend. Wish I didn’t throw away the million friendship bracelets I had in high school :/


Dude, SAME! I wish I still had a stash at my parents house or something… but it sounds like an excuse to make an impromptu trip to the caribbean and pick up armfuls for nothing :)

I am DEF open to making my own. I just need some time. Maybe a rainy Saturday? :)


I totally agree! Buuuut… we’re going on a record days at 100+ degrees so it doesn’t look like there will be any of those in the near future : /

i’ll be your friend

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