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August 5, 2011
hello August

So I realized the other day that I tweet about a lot of things I find to be important in the fashion world, especially because 90% of the people I follow are in the fashion space. BUT, not all of you guys have Twitter! And not all of you guys stalk fashion news as often as I do.. which is probably to your benefit. So today’s post is dedicated to some of the interesting things that have been going on this week or just random things that I found interesting. After all, it’s officially August which means my favorite season is coming to an end soon :(. I’m curious to hear your thoughts though! Especially on the Thylane section.. what do you think? 10 years old is pretty young, huh? I understand the 16/17 year old models who are still in high school because they have barely gone through puberty and have picture perfect skin from being super awkward and never going outside, etc. but at 10 years old you should probably be playing with your friends on the playground and not modeling seductive clothes for Tom Ford. Agree? Anyways, enjoy indulging in my version of the news this week!

J.Crew is showing at Lincoln Center for MBFW

J. Crew will be showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September at Lincoln Center! That’s kind of huge.. they’re a retail chain! I’m predicting this one to be paaacked. I am kind of pleased too because I’m hoping they will step out of the box a little bit with the show. The only thing I have against J.Crew is that their clothes are a bit too predictable and cookie cutter, so if I buy something from there it has to be a piece that I can put with something edgy or else I’ll feel like I just walked out of the catalogue – which don’t get me wrong is not a “bad” thing, it’s just not my style.



The oh-so-controversial topic of “Thylane“. First of all, her name alone is just ridiculous… talk about someone who before they were born was just asking to be known on a first name basis – and that’s exactly what has happened in the fashion world, except it has happened much too soon. At the ripe age of 10, this little French stunner has already graced Vogue, Tom Ford ads, etc. and I don’t think she will be stopping anytime soon. Not gonna lie, she makes me want this beanie, but the next picture is way too much. I feel awkward even posting it because she’s 10 and this photo is insinuating that she is topless. That’s just wrong. Her Mom made a statement here, check it out.


Cheezburger Exec Challenges GQ to Fashion Duel

Now this is something I find really, really awesome. GQ put out a list of the 15 worst dressed Executives in Silicon Valley and #10 on the list was the guy who created “I Can Haz Cheezburger” – a site dedicated to hilarious cat pictures. First of all, I think it’s hilarious that GQ has just been ragging on everyone lately – the editor must be having anger management issues and is channeling that through these “lists” they are creating where they pretty much bash anyone and everyone’s style and say they are horrible dressers. But, what’s even more funny is that they don’t realize that people in Silicon Valley don’t give a rat’s … what they wear. They roll out of bed, go play in their “offices” and love it. BUT, the fact that Cheezburger guy is challenging to GQ to a styling duel kiiiiind of makes my day. The proposal is genius – let me try to style myself with your tools and then you do it, and let the public decide. Then you can really say I don’t know how to dress. I really hope GQ accepts the offer – if so I will be following this story for sure! Check out his video “challenging” them to the duel here.


Rachel Bilson steps out in bright red Erdem pants

Rachel Bilson rocking Erdem resort 2012 bright red pants that I would borrow in a heartbeat. Eh, this isn’t really “news” but I really liked the pants so it made the cut. After seeing Eva Longoria two years ago in bright red pants followed by a bright red mini, I fell in love with this color – it’s kind of a coralish red and I’ve been on the hunt for anything and everything that resembles it. Although some think it’s ridiculous to wear bright red pants, I applaud you Rachel Bilson and would be right there with you.


Models are planking now too

Alexander Wang plank – love the cape shoes btw

Missoni plank

Dolce & Gabbana plank

Soooo.. haven’t really been into the whole planking thing. I think about how it would probably really hurt your face (see above.. those escalator stair edges are sharp!) and is just kinda random, but at the same time some of them are funny. You normally don’t see models and the fashion industry into stupid things like that so I found it pretty funny that these models are wearing Alexander Wang and such and planking all over. What do you think? Are you into it? If so, what’s the best plank that you have seen so far? Do tell :)


Vogue China has an all Asian model cover… is that weird?

So my gut reaction to this one was initially “ooo that’s cool”… then I realized it was for Vogue China and I thought.. wait, what? That’s news? Is this a joke? But then I kept reading and saw that it’s only the 4th cover out of the last 12 that has had Asian models at all! What’s up with that Vogue China? You need to be repping Asian beauty since most of America is still struggling with this concept. Get with it.


Hello August.

Words of wisdom from DVF on Go Backstage that we can ALL live by. xoxo

Photos: Vogue, Racked NY, Jezebel, Fashion Gone Rogue, Go Backstage, Styleite, GQ and Styleite

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