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April 4, 2011
proof that Taylor Tomasi Hill is a rockstar

Taylor Tomasi-Hill, on Garance Dore

Does anyone know how she does it? Why is Taylor Tomasi-Hill the coolest girl on the planet? Well, this picture is why. Because somehow she pulls off what would be a hot mess on most people and has street style photographers clamoring down the streets behind the tulle of her skirt.

Let’s break this down so you realize how insanely creative this girl is because otherwise this would be ridiculous:

The shoes // studded high top sneakers that say “I’m a badass” and I will rock these with a skirt

The skirt(s?) // gray tulle and some layering of a miltary green item flapping around

The 90’s sweater tied around the waist // enough said.

The top // a brighter and less attractive green printed blouse that looks thrifted potentially.. are those flowers or leaves?

The bag // super chic blue clutch that is all the rage right now… which also looks strikingly similar to a pencil bag I had in 5th grade but in a different color (*I am not making fun of this clutch b/c I truly adore it and am actually growing my own collection of these… but when this got big I seriously made that parallel and laughed because it’s kind of true)

Last but not least….

THE HAIR // An ode to the hairstyle that was all the rage in 6th grade … a ponytail bun/bump with the length of your hair flopped down sticking out of the elastic, proceeded by the short wispys on your neck. I swear I have many a picture with this exact hairstyle except I still had braces – you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. Somehow, her fiery but golden red ‘do looks casually perfect and somehow perfectly tops off this marvelous but crazy outfit.

I tell you, no one can pull this look off except for Taylor… she is unexpected with her styling and I adore that about her.

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