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March 31, 2011
heightened versatility

But it’s still $265… sigh. So that makes a $132.50 skirt and $132.50 romper. I’ll wait for it go on sale – fingers crossed.

I’m majorly swooning over here. The color and print are perfect and at the rate I’m finding them I’m going to be living in rompers all summer. This piece takes versatility to a whole new level and I love it! As a skirt it kind of reminds me of something I could see Alexander Wang doing, but this is a much happier version. His would be more rugged and boyish- but still amazing.

Find it here at Shopbop and then tell me about it if you want to rub it in my face. Ha, just kidding! :) We would actually become instant best-friend-borrow-buddies. But you have to order it in size P… and let me wear it 80% of the time.

Also, help yourself to the code below that will give you 30% off at Juicy Couture through April 3! Happy hunting :)

ive tried on a million rompers and they just make me look ridiculous. maybe i just havent found the right one!!! love the print on this dvf tho


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

We’re like the same size! It’s all about the right fit … I think for petites having ones with shorter shorts makes it look more proportional. I think we could both rock this one…. move back to Dallas and we’ll share it?

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