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March 29, 2011
Yotam Solomon

A few weeks ago I was invited to a private showing of Yotam Solomon’s fall “Drug & DNA” collection at his home in Hollywood Hills during Los Angeles Fashion Week. Sadly, I couldn’t attend, but am excited to share the preview photos that were sent to me as well as more information on such a fantastic designer. I mean, how hot is that Jet boot above on the left? Smoking.

If you haven’t heard of Yotam Solomon before I’ll do my best to fill you in :). Yotam is an Israeli born designer who is only 24 years old – I actually am older than him by 2 months, which is erroneous because he has garnered attention from the likes of Victoria Beckham and I…. have this blog. Yotam produces eco-friendly avant garde clothing that is both chic and bold. In my 20 something terms- I think his clothes and shoes are sick. What I love the most about YS is that the looks are so unique and innovative. He is not afraid to take a chance and definitely seems like a person who designs from what he feels passionate about, which I really appreciate.

I’m sure you’re wondering why his collection is titled “Drug & DNA”, and perhaps you saw that his Spring/Summer collection was called “The Oil Spill”. Well, that’s because his collections are inspired by world events and he also supports charities through the awareness and funds from his collections. Here’s what he had to say about his Fall collection:

“After the success of my Spring 2011 season titled ‘The Oil Spill collection’ designed to raise awareness and funds to clean the BP Spill, I have decided to create a collection around Drugs and the way they affect our DNA. I have always been fascinated with the broad manner in which the general public uses Drugs (over the counter drugs, illegal drugs and other supplements).  Most don’t know what the side effects are of the medicine they take, while others don’t even know why they are prescribed to the drugs in the first place. Living in Hollywood, drugs pop up everywhere.  From parties to gym session, you see it constantly. With major celebrities in and out of rehab, and some of the most controversial deaths involving drugs, it is an infamous subject. I hope this collection inspires you to learn more about the chemicals in your body and the manner at which it affects your lifestyle.”

-Yotam Solomon

I applaud you Yotam for using your platform as a designer to build awareness with your designs. I can’t wait to hopefully see this collection in person at some point and keep up with all that he has in store for us.

Yotam and Cameron Silver at the showing of his collection

This little video gives you a taste of some of his other clothes and about Yotam himself.

YouTube Yotam Solomon

Side note: If you watch the video, how insanely good was the bustier he showed? I want.

“It’s really about mixing and matching, that’s what fashion is for” – Yotam Solomon

My favorite dress from his Oil Spill collection

Thanks for sharing, love! I love the shoes but really, I am gawking at the Oil Spill dress!

Have a fantastic day!


I LOVE those pumps! What a great designer. He seems very down to earth.

Oh my goodness… I love his shoes! When and where can we get some?! :)


Good question! Go to their website http://www.yotamsolomon.com/site.html and navigate to “Where to Buy”. They have stores in NY and LA and online shopping as well :)

Good question! Go to their website http://www.yotamsolomon.com/site.html and navigate to “Where to Buy”. They have stores in NY and LA and online shopping as well :)

Stanton James is one of the sites that carries Yotam Solomon:

that dress is so phenomenal


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

isn’t it? I love the cutouts!

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