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January 12, 2015
Vacation Planning

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It feels like forever and a day since I felt like I was baking in the sun on a beach! The only thing getting me through the winters are dreams of sunny places and the sand between my toes.

We’re currently in the middle of planning a vacation with some of my best friends from home. We literally live in 5 of the most spread apart areas of the United States – California, New York, D.C. and two in Texas. Logistics have been a bit tough but we’re closing in a few places!

We’ve decided to stay within the U.S. or Mexico so that travel time is shorter and are leaning towards Isla Mujeres, Miami or somewhere in Florida or maybe a more outdoorsy glamp-ing/spa trip somewhere warm. I haven’t been to any of these places, nor have we landed on a great place to glamp/spa so we’re still deciding on a final option.

I haven’t had to plan a trip in a really long time and have completely forgotten all of the useful sites and tips. I used to be so good at finding great flight deals and looking for places to stay, but we’d love to hear your suggestions on great sunny places and how to coordinate! Regardless, I think I’m on the hunt for a great tote and am loving this white one from J.Crew (it’s 40% off right now!). Hope you had a great weekend!

I went to Miami for the first time in November and absolutely loved it! It’s definitely on the more expensive side, but so much fun, and so much to do! But now I need another winter escape trip…

I am going in May for a weekend for a wedding party.. I can’t wait!

I want to join you! I need to go somewhere warm…

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