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March 27, 2011
silhouette of a saturday

Sometimes the most amazing things are also the most unexpected. I think that applies to a lot of things in life so in a sense this post is a tribute to the unexpected things that take us by surprise but captivate us all the same.

This Saturday a change of plans left me with extra time on my hands and a nagging itch to do an outfit post. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m currently living in a hotel (long story) which means awful lighting and limited wardrobe options which has contributed significantly to my struggle to get one of these posts up in a while.

However, this Saturday the light came streaming in through the window and I was inspired to get dressed and see where the day would take me. My favorite outfits are often ones that I piece together by starting with one item I really want to wear and then grabbing other things that come to mind based around this one item. I was looking back at photos from this post and felt inspired to pull this Zara skirt out again, and thus the building began.

I started with the skirt, but my recent obsession with these motorcycle boots forced me to improvise a little since the skirt is too long with flat shoes. I also really love toughening up a girly look with accents like these boots, or the leather motorcycle jacket I wore when I left my “house” (hotel). So – I pulled it up and wore it high-waisted. For the top I went to my go-to black Joie top that was perfectly cut so that you could still see the waistline. I threw on a belt for a final touch because it needed a little oomph and that was that.

So back to the unexpected – this entire outfit, my Saturday plans, and one of my favorite photos to date. I was walking to pick up my phone from the desk and didn’t realize the timer was still going on the camera. The result was the picture above and the movement + the light + the skirt just created something really unexpectedly beautiful. I love it when that happens.

Joie top, Zara skirt, Target belt, Forever XXI boots

Some thoughts for the other petites out there regarding maxi skirts:

1) Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t wear them because you’re short – not true

2) To combat length issues wear heels (like in the Texas post) or wear it high-waisted with boots/flats

3) Experiment! Your body is unique so figure out what works for you

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! Today is all about being productive – my goal is to cross off everything on my list today and still have time to relax later. Hope you guys are getting things done too… it’s going to be a good week I can feel it!

i looooove this outfit & these images, they gorgeous!

Thanks Caitlin I saw your tweet too! You’re so sweet :)

Yes you’re right, the light is very special in these pics. It makes your skirt look like it’s floating – you’re looking very ethereal yourself my dear, very beautiful and thoughtful:) xo

Thanks Desiree!

Christine, this look is gorgeous on you! You styled that maxi perfectly. I haven’t bought anything maxi yet for the simple fact that I’m so short – 5’3. I’ve decided this spring I have to add at LEAST one piece to my wardrobe.
How did your weekend of work go? Let’s chat later <3


You shouuuld! They’re so fun and I swear, if we were 5 inches taller they would be too short on us! Try Zara and Urban, I love the ones I have gotten from there :)

I went to a bloggers panel discussion here in New Orleans and one of the bloggers (can’t remember which) mentioned your site as a great example of working within a niche. I had to giggle because I’m also short (5’1) and I just made a post about long skirts only to find to see that you posted about them as well! So glad I’m not the only shorty that is trying out this trend.

No way! That’s so awesome that they mentioned it! :) I’m glad you’re working this trend too… I’ll check out your blog this week!

Really cute!! Love the combo of the colors from the belt and top!

Thanks Jenn! :)

I love this look on you! I am also very petite but have been digging the maxi’s no matter what.

xo L.

Good! That’s what I like to hear :)

im all about this look!!!


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