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April 13, 2017
Makeup 101: 7 Face Brushes Explained

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My first experimentation with makeup brushes came from going into my mom’s bathroom when I was little and pulling them out of her cup and drawers and pretending like I was putting on makeup. I remember being so curious why there are so many shapes and sizes wondering what purpose each one served.

I didn’t wear a lot of makeup growing up or in college and in my adult life have embraced makeup a lot more and enjoy playing around with it. The fun part is learning that there are different things that you can do to enhance your own features. For example, I may not wear eyeshadow that often, but I hardly ever leave home without something on my cheeks. It’s the one thing that makes me feel more “finished” before leaving for the day.

All of the makeup brushes I have I’ve accumulated over a long period of time and just clean regularly. I have always been intimidated by the different types and was usually unsure what to buy. The 3 that I had were purchased at the same time as foundation or bronzer that required that type of brush, which made it very easy for me.

Somewhere along the way I became like my curious little self again and wanted to know what these other ones did and if they really worked on me. What I found was that they really do. If you have ever tried your hand at art you know that brush sizes and shapes drastically change your end result – and with these it’s no different.

I took some time to educate myself and test these out thanks to my friends at Ecotools and am breaking down the 7 types of face brushes you can try. We’ll start with the face because that’s usually what I do first anyways, and I’m also still figuring out the eye ones :). (P.S. - I’m going left to right in the image above!)


These are all the rage right now. How many Youtube or Instagram videos have you seen with girls with their blender sponges? They make it look so easy. For whatever reason I’ve been very hesitant to try these but I finally did it. I found that it takes less foundation in the end and with “stippling” (small little movements where you press it in vs. smudge it on). I also feel like it leaves a more polished look and less foundation-y feeling when it’s on as well.


For your traditional foundation, this is your go to. My advice is to not put it directly on the brush but put it on your fingers / face first and then use the brush to blend it into your skin. Always make sure your face is moisturized or primed first for an even finish!


This one I’m just about to start using, so I’ll have to keep you posted! The skin perfecting brush is denser and should be better for a cream leaving a smooth finish. If you don’t use BB Creams, I actually use this for contouring with the tiniest amount of bronzer and it really works well along your cheekbone. 


I’m loving this blending and bronzing brush for applying bronzer to my cheeks and forehead. It goes on evenly and the bristles are more spread for a lighter touch. It’s also great for blending your blush or bronzer into your cheeks more. 


A full powder brush is great for just about anything. You can use it to blend, put on blush, or a powder foundation if that’s what you like. I really love how soft these bristles are! 


I’m getting into the highlighter game and have found that this fan brush makes all the difference. If you use a regular full powder brush with highlighter you’re going to look like a 13 year old leaving for a school dance – it’s way too much bristle for what you’re doing. This light fan brush is amazing for sprinkling that powder on your cheekbones.


This kabuki brush is amazing and I’ve started using it everyday with some setting powder to keep my makeup in place for the day. I watched a few Youtube videos where they recommended it and I didn’t realize until I tried it how well it worked. You’re supposed to press the powder against your face (don’t brush it on) and this kabuki is big enough to all you to do that.


You should clean your brushes regularly. My mom taught me how with baby shampoo and I use a little mason jar to soak them in. You can also buy makeup brush cleaner, too!
I keep mine in an open cup for ease of use, but it would probably be better for them to be stored in a drawer (I just don’t have them) to avoid more dust and germs getting caught on them.

Now that I understand what each one is for and that they each serve different purposes, it has really changed up my morning routine. Some days I just put on some tinted moisturizer and blush and other days I like to do the whole she-bang. What brushes do you use and which are you wanting to try?


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