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January 26, 2017
The Skincare Serum You Need For Winter

bobbi brown remedies, skincare, oils, moisturizing, winter skincare

Every now and then I come across a product that works so well, I feel obligated to tell just about everyone that I know. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my daily routine and every few months it changes ever so slightly. This summer I was all about the La Mer Perfecting Treatment plus lots of sunscreen for the day and Hope In A Jar is one of my favorite daytime moisturizers because it’s light and you can get the version with sunscreen already in it.

But, we all know that winter is brutal. Like whip you in the face and suck all of your moisture out brutal.

bobbi brown remedies, skincare, oils, moisturizing, winter skincare

Do you ever feel like you’ll never have moisturized skin again during the winter? It seems like absolutely nothing will work in the driest months of the year where the wind just does a serious number on every inch of your skin.

What if I told you I found something that actually helped me retain that moisture day after day? Are you listening?

I’m talking about Bobbi Brown Remedies. Like any other woman I have my insecurities with my skin – namely that I have under-eye circles I’m always trying to conceal and that my skin is very thin so everything shows up. After only 2 days of giving a few of these a shot I noticed an instant difference in the quality of my skin. I’ve found myself waking up and looking in the mirror shocked at how renewed my under-eyes appear and at how much moisture my face has kept overnight.

Here’s what I’ve tried!


I’ve been starting with the moisturizing one first, and because the results have been so great I haven’t tried to change it up. I take the dropper and draw a little line on my forehead and then under both of my eyes. I put the dropper back in and then lightly rub it all in over my entire face and neck. It dries fairly quickly and then I pick up the next one. It goes beyond just putting on moisturizer – you can feel that it’s making an impact below the surface of your skin.


This one is my favorite because I think I’m seeing the best results so far with the skin reviver. I apply it the same way (forehead and then under each eye and lightly rub it in all over my face), but also try to ensure I do a good job under my eyes where I need the most revitalizing.


I follow those up with the skin fortifier to help strengthen my skin and seal the deal. It helps keep the moisture in and toxins out, so I’ve been using this to help improve my skin’s elasticity for the future.

If your skin is feeling dry and sad, you can give them a try and see how it goes with this little skin rescue kit that’s only $35. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and decide which ones work best for you. Moisture is something I struggle with all around (which is also why these vitamins are amazing) and so if I can find a product that helps me hydrate my whole body it’s a layup.

What do you use to keep your skin moisturizing in the winter?


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