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April 9, 2014
Rodan + Fields

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

rodan and fields, skincare, reverse regimen, face, skin care products

It took me a long time to better understand how important skin care is. It’s basically breakfast and dessert for your face (in my opinion both are important)! I’ve mentioned it before, but I played soccer my whole life and never realized the importance of sunscreen and cleansing/moisturizing. You’d think that after living in the Texas heat my whole life that I would’ve figured that out! It took me moving to much drier and windier climates and of course, getting older, to recognize I needed to start taking care of my skin, now.

I have an old friend who I actually met through my first ever internship at The Richards Group ad agency who is a sweetheart, mother and now an advocate and rep for Rodan + Fields. I’ve been fortunate to never have major acne issues post-adolesence and have combination skin (a little oily and dry at the same time). But, I did spend 20 years of my life running around outside in the sun and damaging my skin. In my adult age I’m trying to take better care of my skin and reverse some of the damage I’ve done.

I was really excited to give the R+F Reverse regimen a try for that very reason. I’ve dabbled with a ton of products in the past (Shisheido, Tacha, Arbonne, Dr. Lewinn Kinerase, Kiehl’s, etc.) so I’m pretty aware of when I see results and when I don’t, and haven’t tried a full blown regimen yet that aims to fix the exact issues I’ve had with my skin. It aims to erase the appearance of premature aging, visibly brighten, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defend against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but found out that it’s the latest line of skin care products from the doctors who created Proactiv so I know they knew what they’re doing!

I started the Reverse regimen in March and spent about a month with the product so far. After the first week, I noticed a visible difference and could feel it. My skin felt cleaner and brighter when I was sticking to using it. I’m really excited that Katie and I are giving someone the opportunity to try and entire line of Rodan and Fields products! This is huge, it’s almost a $200 retail value and will last you for at least 60 days (and likely more). We know that everyone has different skin, and Katie is excited to help you guys with all of your skin questions! You can take this assessment to better understand which line might benefit you. She’s one of the friendliest and helpful people I’ve come across when it comes to skincare, so don’t be shy!

In order to enter, just add your e-mail and a comment about what you would like to change about your skin. Katie is going to personally follow up with you guys and the winner will be coordinating with her on their skincare line of choice! Just so you know, we both respect your privacy and your e-mail will not be shared with anyone and will solely be used for Katie to reach out. It’ll only be seen by myself and her.

I look forward to hearing your skincare questions for Katie and sending someone their R+F treat!


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*Before and After photos were not retouched!

I’m still trying to find a good skincare line for my skin. I’ve tried so many and don’t think I’ve found the right one yet. I’d love to try this.

I’ve always used Oil of Olay myself. I try different ones here and there (Clinque, Kiehls, etc.) but always go back to my old faithful.

I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we played on the region 3 team together back in the day! Like you, I never took care of my skin in my youth. I spent countless hours outside without any sun protection and I am now seeing the effects. I now have some dark spots and wrinkles. If I could reverse this sign of aging and have a bright complexion with these products, I would be forever grateful!

Of course I remember you Breaux! :) I’m so glad you found my blog and I totally agree.. I’m sad you didn’t win but hope you are doing well and keep following! xo

I would love a product line to help even the tone of my skin and keep it bright!

My skin is my biggest struggle. Always looking for a system that actually works!

I didn’t have problems with acne in my teens, but now that I’m 30, I find myself having small breakouts more and more often. I think my skin is getting more sensitive, and I’m not sure how to treat it.

I’m outside a lot, and horrible about washing my makeup off at the end of the day. Would love to use this to make my skin brighter and fresher!

I have struggled with acne all through highschool, and college. Yet, I just recently finished a six month dose of Accutane, and my skin is clear. However, I still have a few acne scars that I would love to clear up. These products look so wonderful, and seem to be so effective at smoothing skin. I am about to turn 21 in May and think these products would be the perfect early birthday gift!

This past winter has made my skin so dry and dull. I would really like to see it have a bit more glow, especially in the coming spring and summer!

I’m curious to see if this works similarly to Proactive!

Would love to try this. I have heard good things about this line. I have melasma and would like to see what it does for it.

I would love to try this line. I’m always trying to achieve smoother brighter skin.

I’m actually wanting to get this for my mom. She has very dark circles around her eyes that she absolutely hates and she’s beginning to get wrinkles as she’s aging! I would love to be able to get this for her. It would be perfect for Mother’s Day! :)

I would love to help moisturize my skin — this winter has been brutal!

Upon turning 25 this year I have noticed a change in my skin, I have been looking for months for a good skin care line, this one looks amazing! Would love to try it out!

I just want to have consistently fresh glowing skin.

I would really like the texture of my skin to improve. I get cystic acne and have horrible acne scars. I would like my skin to look less dull and more healthy.

Hi Charli! I’m the Rodan+Fields consultant Christine worked with on this post – and she’s given me all the info of the entries of the giveaway. I don’t have one for you – maybe because your info was complete. I wanted to see if I might be of help for your acne scars – we have a special line for that! Feel free to email me back and we can chat. :)

I struggled with unbearable acne as a kid and have tried just about everything under the sun. Even in my late twenties, I am struggling with dry patches, breakouts, and patches of eczema around my nose and chin, which has left my skin tone unevened. Help!

I’ve recently been reading up on Rodan and Fields but the cost has made me a little hesitant. My skin is either completely dry and far too oily – never just right! I’ve been looking for a regimen that will bring some balance to my face.

Hi Katherine! I’m the Rodan+Fields consultant working with Christine for this post, and I’m reviewing all the entries for this giveaway. Your contact info didn’t make my list – perhaps because you didn’t leave any or it was incomplete – I can’t tell. BUT…I wanted to reach out and see if you and I could connect about your concerns! I’d love to see if we could come up with something customized to help with your combination skin. Feel free to email me if you’d like! Best of luck!

I would love to even out my skin tone and keep it hydrated. This Chicago winter has left my skin devoid of all moisture!

Premature wrinkle and dullness.

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