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February 23, 2017
February Beauty Files: Skincare Edition

top skincare products

I had been looking forward to the long weekend for a lot of reasons – this year has had a very interesting start and has been a mix of stressful, emotional and just a little off for me personally. We didn’t have anything crazy planned and I was so excited to just have a few days to relax and get some things accomplished that I can’t do during the week.

I’ve been building up quite the collection of new beauty products and have just been too busy to really to actually un-package them and give them a whirl. But, there’s nothing like an extra day of sleep and lots of sunshine to help encourage me to give some of them a spin and finally clean out my beauty drawer.

I love test driving new products and getting to see what they do for my skin. Here are some of my favorite new additions!

PowerGlow Moisturizer

Not only does this formula make your skin feel like it just drank a huge glass of water, but it helps improve your overall skin tone and combats irritation and redness. I’ve been using it with the oils I shared recently to keep my skin extra hydrated since it’s still #winter.

Hydraboost Line Reducer

I blame the 18+ years I spent playing soccer, but I have started to notice wrinkles on my forehead and am actively trying to make them disappear while I’m still able to. I just started using this line reducer and was so amazed at the instant results. If you’re looking for something to help with wrinkles and fine lines, too this one is fabulous!

Herbivore Hydrating Face Mist

My friends over at Care/Of have partnered with Herbivore Botanicals to bring you the best of what makes you feel beautiful, inside and out! I just started using this face mist and have been keeping it by my bed for easy access. You can scoop it up with two of my other favorites in this travel set! If you’ve been wanting to try either of these brands, I’d highly suggest giving them a shot this month. With purchases at Care/Of and Herbivore you’ll receive goodies from the other allowing you to get a sample of both (and I promise will leave you wanting more).

Laura Mercier Face Polish

I didn’t have anything that was good for exfoliation, which is key this time of year. I was recommended the Laura Mercier Face Polish and love how the small beads take away the dead skin and leave my face feeling extra smooth. I’m starting to use it 2x a week to keep my skin in good shape!


I’m thinking about making this a new series and sharing new products each month for both skincare and makeup and the results from each! Would you be interested in seeing more?


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