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January 15, 2019
What do you think of… Tan Luxe Drops?

This year I’m excited to share even more content on the things that I try all of the time. Admittedly one of the added perks of all of the work that goes into blogging is getting to try new products right when they launch. I also try a lot of things that make sense for me and my life regularly and I’m hoping to create more of this content that’s quicker and easier to share (especially as life has been so busy lately with work and wedding planning!)

The most recent product that I finally decided to try were these Tan Luxe face drops. I’ve seen friends sharing that they love them and they have rave reviews on many sites. I have dreaded going to Sephora twice now this winter to find something to even out my skin-tone that lasts all day and matches my constantly paling face. With our wedding coming up, I thought this was the perfect time to try this out and see if it was something I wanted to do before the wedding for a more natural glow coming out of the winter. I’ve been trying them out for about a week and here’s the scoop!

What I love about them

  • They are easy to work into your routine and don’t leave any streaks
  • The color is buildable, so if you’re nervous just use a drop or two the first time
  • It looks natural and right now just makes my skin more on-par with color it is the rest of the year
  • It’s not a whole process–it takes me less than 30 seconds and a quick hand wash
  • They don’t really have that “faux tan” scent to them, thank God, everyone hates that smell

How I use them

I didn’t watch any videos or look up how other people are using it and just followed what they suggest in the packaging. I have been using the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil at night (which is incredible, especially during the winter!) and so I’ve just been putting a few drops of that in my palm and then right after I’ll put 2 drops of Tan Luxe in the same hand. Then, I just rub it into my hands and all over my face as evenly as possible. That’s it! It’s so easy.

What I would change if anything

There’s no real downside, but I will say that I’ve made sure that my skin has been recently exfoliated and that it’s probably important to ensure that you’re mixing it with another liquid (so a serum or an oil is great). I have to admit it was a bit of trial and hopefully no error, and thankfully it worked out, but I will be way more nervous to try it on a larger area (like the full body ones). If anyone has tried those let me know, especially for upcoming wedding stuff! :)

Do I recommend them?

Yes! I bought the Medium/Dark shade on Net-A-Porter (because it’s in stock there right now and they ship faster than Sephora and have easier returns), but for the Sephora lovers out there the Light/Medium is in stock there!

Tan Luxe “The Face” drops (in Medium/Dark)

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