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May 12, 2016
Nighttime Perfection

la mer perfecting treatment, la mer, beauty, skincare

If there’s one thing that I take more seriously these days it’s my nighttime routine. Now that my twenties are almost behind me I’m understanding the importance of the word “routine” especially as it pertains to skincare. It’s not a sprint, it’s a very long and slow paced race!

Like anything else that you want to perfect it takes patience and the right ingredients or “equipment” if you will. Sometimes having multiple products in your arsenal can be beneficial, but every now and then one product comes along and is your go-to warrior. Enter: the La Mer Perfecting Treatment.

With multiple different application options and a formula that adapts to your skincare needs the perfecting treatment can be a part of your skincare routine day or night. In the morning you can apply it before your moisturizer for a more luminous look or under your makeup to create a flawless canvas. I have opted to start trying it at night in hopes of healing and moisturizing my skin during my sleep.

la mer perfecting treatment, la mer, beauty, skincare

My new routine has gone a little something like this in hopes of achieving that radiant, “nighttime perfection”:

1. Cleanse

Using the La Mer cleansing lotion I’ve been actually applying this as a makeup remover and face cleaner. It takes me back to watching my mom’s skincare ritual because it’s a lotion that doesn’t require water. I have so many memories of seeing my mom use a similar product and 20 years later she still uses the same lotion as it’s gentler on her skin.

2. Mask (only once a week)

Masks are my new favorite gem. Just 8 minutes later and your skin feels refreshed and more radiant than ever! I love that this option allows you to continue applying and isn’t a one-time throw away like most of the other masks you can buy are.

3. Moisturize

Perhaps the most important step of any skincare routine is moisturizing. With ingredients born from the sea, this is one of the most powerful and effective products on the market. It’s worth it and because it’s so silky a little goes a long way!

4. Perfect

Thanks to two moves, I’ve managed to find myself in some of the driest climates over the past few years and my skin has definitely noticed. I started getting some redness around my nose as that skin is extra sensitive and my skin is relatively thin to start with. The Perfecting treatment diminshes redness and improves tone – two things that I have seen immediate results with from leaving the product on overnight.

With only 6 months left in my 20’s I’m taking major steps toward taking care of my skincare for the next decade and beyond. It’s an ongoing process and journey and thankfully I’m finding the right products to help make it an enjoyable one! What does your nighttime ritual look like?

P.S. – For as long as I can remember I’ve been following @paperfashion who recently teamed up with La Mer to create 4 beautiful illustrations for each perfect moment that you can create with the La Mer perfecting treatment. Be sure to check them out over on Instagram!


La Mer perfecting treatment • La Mer revitalizing mask • Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream • Cleansing lotion (c/o La Mer)

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