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November 9, 2016
5 Makeup Must-Haves

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Every year around this time I get the exact same itch to toss all of my old makeup and just hit refresh. Thankfully due to a lack of a home for it during the move I had a chance to do exactly that last week.

For as much makeup as I’ve accumulated, I only wear the same 5 things every day. The older I get, the less I want to have on my face. I’ll get a little more interesting with things if I know I’m going out later that night or have a hot dinner date with MG, but otherwise I keep it pretty simple.

When I was doing my clean-out I realized that I had a lot of stuff that I wasn’t using and that I didn’t have really good versions of the things I rely on everyday. I only really buy makeup once a year and it’s usually when my color starts to fade and I realize my summer makeup is about 4 shades darker than I am in real life.

So today I’m spilling the 5 things that I rely on and why they’re my in everyday routine:


After living in Chicago for 3 years and enduring the brutal winds and long days at work, I finally broke down and started wearing some foundation a few years back. I have no idea why, but I’ve never really switched back even though I know it’s too heavy for everyday. I have some go-to’s in the summer for more of a tinted moisturizer look, but just discovered this lightweight mineralize foundation that’s not only super moisturizing but easy to build your own coverage. The first wear I didn’t even remember that I had makeup on. (I’m using NC30)


I recently switched to Glossier’s boy brow and am a huge fan. While I do love it and use it just about everyday, I realized I missed having the ability to not go ham on your entire brow and just fill in where you need it. I used the Dior brow styler for years and after reading reviews decided to try the MAC brow definer in ‘lingering’. It’s too light for me so I’m going to have to swap it out but like the pencil and control.


Confession. I almost never leave the house without some form of bronzer or blush on (if I put any makeup on). I’ll walk out in sweatpants, sandals and a beanie, but if there’s makeup on my face it’s accompanied by one of these two. I got hooked in college and just love the way that one or two swipes can make you look more awake and put together. I actually care more about that than mascara or anything on my lips. Thanks to some late night review reading I decided to try this Nars contour blush in Paloma for a fall/winter look as my skin gets paler and I need some additional color. So far I love how subtle you can make it and that it’s easy to blend!


There’s nothing like going to the bathroom when you’re at drinks or dinner and realizing that your crappy drugstore eyeliner pencil has smudged and you look like you’re on a 3rd day bender. I wear eyeliner more often than most just because my eyelashes don’t create a defined line like most (you actually can barely see them), so it helps draw that definition. I’ve tried many different versions, but love this MAC one because it’s self sharpening, soft and long lasting. In the fall you can use different shades of brown or burgundy for a softer look. An alternative if you prefer liquid liner would be the MAC fluid liner that I always keep in black.


I learned everything I know about brushes from the internet, my sister and the people I used to pester at the makeup counter. What’s that one for? Why do you need 7 that look the same? Tell me which of these I can use for the most things. I learned that a flat top brush is great for blending in things like foundation or even blending your blush or bronzer in more. I also have a weird thing with sponges (they’re so gross and hard to clean), so when I found out you could use this instead I was sold. I got an inexpensive one to try out for starters, but this version has great reviews.

What are your makeup must-haves?


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