August 18, 2016
My 2 Biggest Skincare Concerns
When I was younger I had no conception of what skincare was. I thought that my skin would stay tight until I was magically "older" and then when you became a Grandma it would get a lot more wrinkly. Yup, true story. Over the past 5 years I've really ...
June 30, 2016
High Pony
I secretly used to hate ponytails. Take a girl who spent the majority of her life with her hair up in one thanks to 18+ years of soccer and she'll usually pull it down in about 5 minutes. It's been a combination of a lot of things over the years. I b ...
June 8, 2016
Hair Happiness
If there's one thing that turned out to be a bigger struggle than expected when you move it's finding a salon that you love and makes you leave feeling better than ever about yourself and hair. Moving to the city can be intimidating for so many reaso ...
May 24, 2016
Your Top Hair Questions Answered
Hair can be challenging, intimidating and for me it's always been something that I take very seriously. Although it may seem like I don't really divert too far from my norm, over the years I've tried a lot of things. I've gotten horrible highlights i ...
May 12, 2016
Nighttime Perfection
If there's one thing that I take more seriously these days it's my nighttime routine. Now that my twenties are almost behind me I'm understanding the importance of the word "routine" especially as it pertains to skincare. It's not a sprint, it's a ve ...
April 21, 2016
Drugstore Favorites
Like many other women, I know that there's a time to save and splurge. I've recently been sharing with you guys my tips for building a spring wardrobe and how I choose what pieces to spend less on, and the same goes for my beauty products and make ...
April 20, 2016
Subtle Spring Changes
When the sun comes out, I usually start thinking about Spring shopping and sunkissed hair. In the years past, I used to balayage my hair regularly every spring. There were a few times where by summer it ended up lighter than I had wanted so this year ...
February 26, 2016
5 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home
Ahhhhh. There's something magical about a night spent home alone and treating yourself to whatever you wish. I hear from my sister who is a mother these kinds of nights become non-existent at some point in life. Until that day comes (and now that ...
February 25, 2016
Finishing Touches
In the mornings I usually spend about 15-20 minutes (tops) on everything before getting dressed. After that, it's all about the last little touches before I head out the door. These are the things that really put the bow on my look on any given day o ...
December 2, 2015
Holiday Shine
I’m usually the type of person who wears the exact same makeup every single day. How boring right? I tend to get into a routine and just stick with it. Actually, I have daytime makeup and then if I’m going out I’ll wear a little more eyeshadow. ...
December 1, 2015
5 Steps To A Perfect Hair Day with Living Proof
A perfect hair day. Is there such a thing? I know to most it sounds inconceivable and over the past few years I would’ve agreed. After living in some of the craziest climates in the country (the humidity of Houston, dryness in Dallas, the windy w ...
October 22, 2015
La Mer Renewal Oil
When it comes to fashion, I'm all about versatility–I want to invest in pieces that I can wear over and over again and that are worth my while. When it comes to my beauty routine it's no different. If I'm going to invest in a product it needs t ...
September 9, 2015
Simple Makeup Routine
  This summer was all about minimalism – what can I wear that's as uncomplicated as possible and let's me spend more time out and about in the sun & with friends. When it came to makeup it was no different. My normal routine in the f ...
August 19, 2015
New Skincare To Try
This weekend I was the perfect mix of lazy and productive. I got a ton of work done (which was great) but I also took a lot of breaks and made time for a little pampering. I have a small pile (small in my eyes, large in my roommate's) of beauty pr ...
March 24, 2015
Fresh Face Skincare Routine with Clarins
I've spent plenty of years damaging my skin – I never feel like I'm quite hydrated enough, wore enough sunscreen when I was younger, or deep clean my face as much as I should after living in two huge cities full of dirt and grime. A few years ba ...
March 18, 2015
5 Minute Hairstyle
I recently cut four inches off of my hair and thus have been looking for some more interesting ways to style it in the mornings. Last weekend, I was running out for coffee before meeting a friend for brunch and looked in the mirror thinking.. yike ...
February 19, 2015
Strike A Smile
I've always been one of those girls who loves getting ready for special events and occasions. Give me a chance to get dolled up, and I'll take it! Most weekdays I hurriedly throw on some makeup and miraculously put myself "together" in 20-25 minutes ...
January 27, 2015
Beauty Routine Refresh
When it comes to makeup, I'm a bit of a trial and error-ist and to be honest, a total rookie. As a creature of habit and only know what I've taught myself or learned from the few times I've made it into the makeup counter at Nordstrom. But when the n ...
June 3, 2014
Morning Routine
Getting ready in the morning is such a catch-22 for me. It's one of the most dreaded parts of my day and favorite, all at the same time. I thought I'd share what a day in the life is like for me because it's so much more difficult at times than He ...
April 9, 2014
Rodan + Fields
It took me a long time to better understand how important skin care is. It's basically breakfast and dessert for your face (in my opinion both are important)! I’ve mentioned it before, but I played soccer my whole life and never realized the import ...