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April 21, 2016
Drugstore Favorites





Like many other women, I know that there’s a time to save and splurge. I’ve recently been sharing with you guys my tips for building a spring wardrobe and how I choose what pieces to spend less on, and the same goes for my beauty products and makeup. For me this is actually where it gets a little more cut and dry.

I’m a total creature of habit – sometimes to a fault. I’ve used the same mascara and deodorant now for let’s see… going on about 4-5 years at least? Same with my body wash and toothpaste. Branching out in certain areas just feels unnatural once I find something I like! Recently I was at an event learning more about skincare and in light of the fact that swimsuit season is around the corner have been starting to pay more attention to the rest of my skin (outside of my face) because let’s face it – we’re out of the woods!

I learned some interesting things about how your toothpaste can actually affect breakouts on your chin and how ingredients really matter in the products that you put on your skin. I know we’ve heard it all before, but it’s true! So I finally decided to take some time to change up a few of my regulars thanks to Dove. After a few weeks to months of trying out some drugstore versions, my list of budget drugstore buys is growing!

I switched over to Dove Advanced Care Antipersperant in Beauty Finish for a long-lasting and moisturizing change on a product that I haven’t switched in half a decade. I never think about deodorant as being a skincare product, but it really is! After being a long time fan of the Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash and seeing the difference it made on my skin, I decided to upgrade and ended up seeing the same results. It’s incredibly moisturizing and smooth and didn’t irritate my skin plus it has 48-hour protection. Plus, the packaging is so pretty! (the important stuff, am I right?)

I have a few other products that I can’t live without and will happily stop by my nearest CVS or Duane Reade to pick up instead of shelling out on something 3-4x the price. I’ve been using the Garnier micellar cleansing water to wash my face when I get home from a long day and have been super happy with the product. It’s a gentle, oil-free cleanser and for my sensitive skin doesn’t leave my face red or dry – something a lot of drugstore face washes can do.

For my lashes, I’ve always been a drugstore mascara girl. I need too many benefits to buy one expensive mascara that doesn’t do the trick! Truth be told I always use two different ones in the morning, but the voluminous false fiber lash mascara is a solid part of my arsenal and has been now for years. It’s great for adding oomph to my thin lashes!

In a year where I’m all about budgeting and being savvy with my money, my drugstore purchases are even more important to balance out my spending. What are your personal favorites?


This post was in collaboration with Dove!

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