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June 8, 2016
Hair Happiness







If there’s one thing that turned out to be a bigger struggle than expected when you move it’s finding a salon that you love and makes you leave feeling better than ever about yourself and hair. Moving to the city can be intimidating for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to finding your go-to’s is extra difficult thanks to the overwhelming number of options.

Thankfully this year I’ve found a salon that makes me feel that way! Over the past few months I’ve had a chance to work with Elaine Mitchell on my cut and Valencia D’Onofrio on my color over at Sassoon Salon and have been thrilled with the latest results. We’ve done two passes on my subtle color updates as I’ve been careful to not overdo it. The results have been natural and I’m so excited to have my hair in a place that makes me happy for summer and all of our weddings this year! It’s such a warm feeling to get to chat and see a familiar face at your salon.

The salon also just happens to be around the corner from my office and easy to get to from home – two very important factors for me as I’m usually running around the city and pretty hectic. I also love the wide variety of products they’ve showed me from brands I know and love like Kerastase and even some new ones that they carry exclusively at the salon.

Thanks to my stellar experience with Sassoon I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving away a product package from Sassoon! Details are over on Instagram, good luck!

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