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February 25, 2016
Finishing Touches












Getting ready for me really starts the night before because I’m one of those night shower-ers, but my morning routine has gotten and shorter and shorter as I’ve gotten older. Although I still love trying new products and finding things that work better for my skin and complexion, the routine itself is pretty much the same everyday.

I usually spend about 15-20 minutes tops on everything before getting dressed, which takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how fussy I decide to get with my outfit or if I have plans after work. It pretty much goes like this–apply a light foundation to even out my complexion, add concealer for under my eyes, and use a light color on my eyelids. I tend to fill in my brows these days, too because I like the way it looks and feel like a bold brow makes it easier to wear less makeup around my eyes.

After that, it’s all about the last little touches before I head out the door. These are the things that really put the bow on my look on any given day of the week and things I almost never skip out on. I have 5 “finishing touches” that I stick to regularly to make me feel ready for the day:

1. Enhance your cheeks

I think a little goes a long way when it comes to your cheeks. I’m a huge fan of bronzer if you’re not a big blush person. I swear by the Bare Minerals palette that gives you a range and a color to highlight your cheekbones!

2. Add volume to lashes

If you’ve ever asked me about my lashes you’d hear me complain that they’re too short, too thin, and too straight. I long for that long, curled falsie look and am very picky with mascara and usually use two to get at the things I need. I’ve been using L’Oreal Telescopic mascara for years to get some length going and because the brush really gets between my thin lashes. I usually follow it up with something that adds in a little more volume, and recently fell in love with the brand new Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance mascara. It packs both length and volume and the curved brush is great for my eye shape.

3. Moisutrize my lips

My biggest struggle is usually that my lips are always chapped. It makes the idea of any lipstick or gloss cringeworthy some days, especially this winter. I’ve tried a million different lip balms and chap sticks and I have to say that the Vaseline lip tins are by far my favorite and most effective dry lip combatant that I own. They actually heal my dry lips and lock in moisture that lasts me all day. You can pick them up at your nearest Target or easily shop them online. There are 4 different types that you can try (my favorite is cocoa butter and I also love the rosy) and now that I have all 4 I never leave home without one of them in my purse!

4. Give yourself a little spritz

I know a lot of people don’t wear perfume everyday, but I find it to be one of my favorite finishing touches. At this point in my life I’ve collected quite a few and I think of it as one of my very last steps to feeling ready for a day, no matter what the occasion. I usually choose based on my mood – Miss Dior or Chloe if I’m feeling pretty and polished, Kate Spade Live Colorfully if I’m feeling more casual and everyday or Valentino if I’m feeling a little saucier for a night on the town.

5. Finish off with some jewelry

Keeping things minimal lately has been the name of my game, so it’s usually just a simple watch, a bracelet and a dainty ring or two. Having a few pieces on my fingers and wrist add that last little polish to a finished look for the day.

And after that it’s usually throw on my favorite jeans, top and a jacket and hit the road so that I’m not late for work! What are the last steps in your morning beauty routine?


LIPS: Vaseline lip therapy tins c/o  •  BRONZER: Bare Minerals bronzer  •  MASCARA: Elizabeth Arden grand entrance Mascara  •  PERFUME: Miss Dior  •  WATCH: Cluse watch, camel and gold  •  TOP: White off the shoulder blouse (boutique find, similar here)

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Photos by Bekka Palmer

 This post was sponsored by Vaseline! Thanks for supporting the brands that support this little site! 

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