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May 24, 2016
Your Top Hair Questions Answered


Hair can be challenging, intimidating and for me it’s always been something that I take very seriously. Although it may seem like I don’t really divert too far from my norm, over the years I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve gotten horrible highlights in my teenage years and as I’ve gotten older, a little color that I love!

When it comes to changing up a style or looking at adding some color it can be daunting to know where to start. I turned to expert Elaine Mitchell, Senior Creative Director over at Sassoon salon for her guidance and answers to 5 of the most commonly asked hair questions!

 1. I’m wanting to color my hair but never have before/am afraid – where should I start? How do I choose a color?

Never color your hair at home, especially first time! Book a consultation with a professional at your local Sassoon Salon, even if it’s just for ideas. Also, bring along some pictures of images that you love to give the colorist a feel of what you are looking for. It is most important to find someone that you really trust!

2. What’s the best way to extend your hair color?

Always use a color safe/protective shampoo and conditioner. These products prolong the condition and shine.

3. My hair is so limp – I only get volume and body when I have someone style it for me. What are your tips + favorite products for more volume?

Always dry the hair from the roots first. This technique will give a more natural volume. It also helps to use the correct brush. My favorite volume product is DAVINES  VOLU/ shampoo  and VOLU/hair mist. These products are super light, not sticky and won’t weigh the hair down.

4. I’m trying to grow my hair out! What are some tips to help quicken the process?

It is very important to have your ends trimmed every 6 weeks to maintain the health and integrity of the hair. It sounds counterintuitive, but trims are key to healthy hair growth!

5. I love the wavy curl look that you always see on celebrities! How do I achieve those kind of curls at home by yourself?

First, dry your roots to create lift and volume then use a protective spray for hair. A large curling iron is great to achieve a natural beach wave.

6. I’m tired of my current look and I want a new haircut but I have no idea where to start. Help! What do I do and where do I start?

My advice is to research a look on a celebrity that you love and then bring images to the salon. It is always super helpful for your stylist to see what you like and don’t like. If you bring a look that doesn’t complement your face and features, a good stylist will recommend a great cut that will work for you!

A huge thanks to Sassoon and Elaine for partnering with me on this post!

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