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July 18, 2017
5 Step Morning Makeup Routine

morning makeup routine, cuyana, bobbi brown

Getting ready in the morning has become a shorter and quicker process these days.

What used to take more like 45+ minutes in my early 20’s is now more like 15-20 minutes, tops … all in. I’ve become a creature of habit lately, too and pretty much do the same thing everyday without fail. My main focus is usually my face and just creating an even, nice base for a little bronzer.

1. Primer

For a look that will last all day, I always start with primer. Since I’ve been using oils on my face overnight I haven’t been needing morning moisturizer, so the primer kind of does double time. I just got this Revlon primer that’s affordable and goes on so smoothly.

2. Concealer

I pretty much won’t leave the apartment without concealer on – it’s my must have just to cover up some dark circles and redness around my nose. I just received this Bobbi Brown full coverage concealer and WOW – I’m so impressed. As someone who has been using concealers for 10+ years, it’s hands down my new favorite. I wear Warm Natural and Natural Tan!

3. Foundation

I’ve shared a little bit about the Bobbi Brown liquid foundation before, but lately I’ve been sticking to the foundation stick.  It’s been so hot and humid that I’ve been leaning towards this because it stays on longer throughout the day. I’m also Warm Natural or Natural Tan in these, too!

4. Bronzer

I’m a bit of a bronzer lover and have a few that I rotate depending on the day (more to come on those soon!), but this Hourglass bronzer is a new favorite. I love the way that the colors blend and it leaves a beautiful color on my skintone. If you have fairer skin I’d recommend the Nude Bronze Light – I have the Diffused Bronze Light.

5. Lipstick

Last, but not least I’ve really been making an effort to throw on a swipe of lipstick before I leave. Even if it comes off before lunchtime and I forget to re-apply it just makes me feel more finished before heading out the door. If you haven’t heard of Lipstick Queen and are looking to try a creamy, rich line this is your lucky day. I was introduced by a friend and they are hands down my new favorite. The colors are lustrous and beautiful and the color stays so well. My current favorite is Velvet Rope Star System. It has a hint of a cinnamon-y color to it, but is pretty nude overall.

What does your morning beauty routine look like lately?


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick c/o • Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Concealer c/o • Hourglass bronzer in diffused bronze light • Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope c/o • Revlon Photo Ready Primer • Cuyana makeup bag

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