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February 2, 2018
3 Easy Home Decor Updates

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So you don’t have a lot of space or a lot of money to spend on updating your place–that’s ok. Not everyone is renovating a gigantic custom home or redoing an entire room of their house. There are plenty of us that live in rentals or are on tight budgets and want to make changes, but in a small and economical way. Rome wasn’t built overnight and the same goes for home decor.

We pieced together things in our apartment over the better part of a year and to be honest are still making tweaks and adding things here and there.

1. Add a console table to your empty corner

There was a space behind our dining table and we kept finding ourselves putting junk there – boxes, MG’s golf clubs, you name it. I realized it was the perfect space to put a console table to add some greenery and frames and also keeps us from stacking junk in that area. We picked up this table and love how naturally it fits into our apartment’s aesthetic. We put a few frames on it and some eucalyptus leaves and now instead of being an eye-sore it’s a focal point behind our dining table.

2. Look to add some tall greenery

We don’t have much space in our place and outside of our main furniture there’s just no room to add anything else. When you run out of space on the floor, think up. We’ve added a few taller vases with flowers, monstera leaves, and eucalyptus leaves to add some height and dimension to our space. We don’t have room for a tree, but honestly you don’t need a lot to add one of those either. Any small corner will work and there are tons of different sizes you can find these days as well to fit your need.

3. Utilize your wall space

Whether it’s adding frames or a few shelves, a little goes a long way. I’m in the process of adding a few smaller frames of shots I took in Connecticut by our wall mirror just to give that wall a little more personality. One of the best purchases we made early on was deciding to get this wood bar shelf for the space over our counter. It quickly turned an open wall into a functional bar space and solved our problem of not knowing where to put our wine glasses and coffee mugs. Shelves are an easy way to bring your decor or functionality up the wall to leverage the space that you have.

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