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May 25, 2017
Pillow Talk

pillows, decor

Ok you guys, we need help!

We finally got our couch and our living room is almost complete! I’m so excited to finish it up and we’re down to the very last few items that we need in order to call it a day. We have a few pieces on their way in the next week and I’m hoping that we can take advantage of the Memorial Day sales and grab the last items we need – so let’s talk pillows. 

All of our pillows are from my old place and have had a good run, but it’s time to switch things up. We want something that fits the room’s aesthetic and color palette so we need to swap out both on the swivel chairs and add some to the couch as well. 

We decided to go with this gray color for our couch because we didn’t want anything too light, but liked the idea of our living room feeling light and airy. I’m hoping to find a few pillows that can lighten that area up a little bit and tie in the color of the swivel chairs. I’m torn between patterns and colors! Here are a few I’ve picked out and I would love your help on which ones you like the best (or ideas for anything different!).

pillow styling

For our swivel chairs we’re looking for a pillow for each chair to replace these palm print ones (which I’m also open to selling!). I’m thinking something light here as well that ties in the color of the chairs and some white. Here’s what I’m thinking for these: 

Vote on your favorite versions in the comments below! I’d love and appreciate your input :)

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