September 8, 2010
call of the wild
at 11,350 feet --- Hiking up to almost 12,000 feet is pretty insane - it was the highlight and sorelight of my weekend.. I can now barely walk. The gorgeous lake behind me is right below some of the mountain peaks in the Rockies near Vail and was ...
August 31, 2010
maximize your maxi dress: mile high style
Finally! A weekend at home. This was the first weekend in a few months where I wasn't on the go so I decided it was going to be a "me" weekend full of catching up on things that I needed to/have been wanting to do. First thing on my list was a much n ...
August 28, 2010
toms in the windy city
Exploring urban cities can be difficult because it's so hard to find stylish shoes to walk blocks upon blocks in. Sometimes if you're not going far you can pull it off, but if you're traversing the whole city it's probably not wise. I know that I ma ...
August 12, 2010
the dog days of summer
"Dog Days" (Latin: diēs caniculārēs) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September. In the southern hemisphere they are usually between January and early March. A ...
August 2, 2010
let your love grow tall
--- This weekend i headed to the capital of great food, unique people & live music - Austin, TX. I found some time to squeeze in some blogging while I was there visiting my best friends, and left with a full heart and stomach. Although I love to ...
July 29, 2010
highs + lows of Union Square, San Francisco | 7.24
90s bag + simple stripes --- fringe booties --- galaxies away --- i heart oxfords --- they call us mellow yellow --- yummy Prada satchel --- the gray/blues --- a MOOt point --- fake... boot.. socks?? --- snow white ...
July 27, 2010
boy meets girl
San Francisco, CA --- One of my new favorite things to do is mix girly with boyish styles. I loved putting this outfit together because I felt really classy and stylish, but was also REALLY comfy - like to the point where I felt like I should've be ...
July 19, 2010
a little bite of the big apple
This weekend I went on my craziest adventure yet. I hopped on a red eye and flew to New York City for the day for a whopping total of 11 hours, then headed back to the airport and came home. I'm not quite sure what inspired me to do it, but I'm so gl ...
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