August 30, 2017
Summer 2017 Scrapbook
This summer went by, per usual, way too quickly. I have really tried hard over the last few years to be more present on the weekends, to take in trips with my eyes and memory and not my phone, and to enjoy being unplugged. That being said I've always ...
July 26, 2017
NYC Rooftop & Outdoor Bar Guide
Summers in New York are all about seeking outdoor spots – whether it's a rooftop where you can take in the skyline or a fun outdoor bar with games, we're all usually combing through lists on our phones for the places that you can never think of whe ...
July 12, 2017
5 Tips For Packing A Carry-On Suitcase
Packing is something that I find very stressful and requires a lot of preparation. I’m a planner and so packing for me really is a process that starts earlier in the week in anticipation of a trip.
July 7, 2017
Windy City Weekend
It's been almost 3 years since I moved from Chicago to New York and hard to believe everything that has happened in that time frame. In the 3 short years I spent in the Windy City I met some of my best friends, soaked up every ounce of what the city ...
February 2, 2017
2017 Travels with Away
Woo hoo! January is in the books and I’m happy to say it was a really quiet one. By the end of the holidays I just felt like I was running on empty and needed to hit the reset button – like 8 times over. That being said I’m rested and ready ...
October 13, 2016
Out Of Office
We've been anxiously awaiting this trip for what feels like forever, and after a very, very nearly disastrous oversight on my part with my passport we're off to Mexico!!! This is our last wedding and trip of the year and we're determined to make ...
October 9, 2015
Charlottesville, Virginia | Weekend Scenes
It's been a while since I've been on a trip to somewhere other than Chicago or Dallas, and so I was super excited for a lot of reasons to be in Charlottesville this past weekend. I'm going to try and make an effort to take more pictures on my weekend ...
May 28, 2015
Weekend in Miami
Miiiiiiammmmiiii. Yes, I went 3 weeks ago, but this girl's been busy so I'm just now getting around to posting my favorite snaps. Here's another peek at what we did on our trip. I was so thankful that my friend's Kate's Dad had a friend with a townh ...
May 15, 2015
Puerto Rico Vacation
Downtown Old San Juan Planning a trip for 5 people who live across the country from one another can be incredibly challenging, but my trip to Puerto Rico with my best friends from growing up was so worth it and one of my favorite trips that I've eve ...
March 27, 2015
Puerto Rico Bound
After what feels like an eternity spent away from the beach, I'm super excited that I'm finally headed out of town... to Puerto Rico! The countdown is on – in just 3 weeks I'll be on the beach, kicking my feet up with a pina colada in hand and ...
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