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August 31, 2010
maximize your maxi dress: mile high style

Anthropologie sweater | Method maxi dress | Forever 21 blouse | Vintage + H&M bracelets | Urban Outfitters belt | Vintage gold leaf earrings

Finally! A weekend at home. This was the first weekend in a few months where I wasn’t on the go so I decided it was going to be a “me” weekend full of catching up on things that I needed to/have been wanting to do. First thing on my list was a much needed haircut! If you live in Denver you should check out The Parlour. My dry, split ends really needed to go so Kelly fixed me up.

I told you guys in my post last week that I’m really looking forward to styling things out of my closet, and also the comeback of a long skirt. This weekend I pulled out a halter maxi dress that I have had for a few years (I got it at a boutique called Method in Houston) and layered a cream Forever 21 blouse over it. I threw my favorite long sweater that’s a really awesome mustard color over it, and voila! A perfect “I am going to wander around the city today” outfit. The best part is that you probably had no idea that it was a maxi dress… and a halter! My long hair + the layers of the shirt and sweater totally disguised it. I’m not the only one who believes that the maxi can be multi-functional especially headed into fall… Net-A-Porter recently did a spread on them as well.

For the other petites out there, maxis can be tricky. They hide your legs so no one can tell how long/short your legs really are so the key is to wear them with platforms or something tall that is a little more comfortable. I also would’ve paired this with clogs, but I went with black platform sandals. The length of the dress gives the illusion that my legs are longer than they are, and since you can’t see my shoes it’s for me to know and no one else to find out… :)

Point of the story: pull out your maxi and play around with what you can layer over it for Fall (I recommend blouses because you don’t want something fitted you’re going for something flowy that disguises that it’s not a skirt)

I love pairing the vintage bracelet that I got in New York with my H&M bangles

As for my weekend adventures – I walked out of my loft to discover that the LoDo area was throwing a “no garage – garage sale” right outside of my place. I ended up snagging a really great vintage sequin top, a crossbody bag, and a basket of the BEST peaches you will ever find all for under $13.

Chanel-esque jacket

Palisade Peaches – the best in Colorado

I was shoe shopping at Nordstrom on Saturday and one of the girls who worked in the shoe department had a really cute belt on. I asked her where she got it, and she says “oh my gosh, actually… It’s the strap to a Louis Vuitton bag”. I almost died. It was the most creative and unique idea I have seen in a while. Seriously how genius is that?! Anyways, I loved it and thought I would share.

I wrapped up the weekend with a heavenly facial from Spavia and brunch at a restaurant called Gaia. I went with my friend and we stumbled upon the Farmer’s Market that was going on in the streets right outside the restaurant. It was so cute and there were so many amazing things for sale – pretty much everything from salsa to vegetables and fruits to olive oils and jewelry.

At Gaia they served us bread in these coffee filter looking things and my friend ordered a Mocha

A cinnamon roll and a quiche later, I was done for.

Hope everyone else had enjoying weekends! 10 days until NYFW … who is excited?!

I like your maxi dress outfit. That’s a cute idea of the girl using her bag strap as a belt. It works well on her.

I love your outfit!! What an ingenious use of a maxi dress. I would never have thought to layer a lacy white blouse over it. I like the way it kind of peeks through. I am a freelance stylist and I am always looking for new ideas to use in my work. Thanks for the inspiration!

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