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August 2, 2010
let your love grow tall

This weekend i headed to the capital of great food, unique people & live music – Austin, TX. I found some time to squeeze in some blogging while I was there visiting my best friends, and left with a full heart and stomach. Although I love to blog about fashion, great food is another thing that I enjoy and there are some cities where you can’t help but talk about the food – and Austin is one of them. As my friend put it best, it’s a city where eating a chain restaurants is frowned upon because there are so many unique and local places to go.

We had lunch-brunch at Zocalo cafe before I hopped on my plane and I loved the food and decor! I would definitely recommend this cafe to anyone who is looking for fresh mexican food, or a quick and relatively inexpensive brunch. I had the breakfast burrito which was absolutely divine and totally filled my craving for some eggy, tortilla carbs.

I didn’t have tons of time to people watch as usual, or post one of my own outfits, but we did have time at the end of the trip to stop by one of the cutest boutiques on ” the drag” (a nickname for Guadalupe St.). The drag is really unique and has tons of great places to eat and shop but you will ALWAYS find interesting people, like this guy who was playing us a tune on his belly.

The boutique was called c.jane and was filled with cute clothes. They carried a mixture of well-known and smaller brands, but the reason we came was for the jewelry.

One of my friends had gotten a bracelet here that a few of us wanted to pick up for ourselves. Although they didn’t have the one we wanted, we did find several other really unique pieces that we all loved. Some of my favorite items in this particular case where the Chan Luu wrap bracelets on the left hand side.  I am really into wrap bracelets right now because they create more depth to an outfit and are so fun.

The best find in the store were these gorgeous woven chain bracelets by Sogoli. They are a combination of textures and have a ribbonish colored piece woven in with the duo-tone chain that creates a very sophisticated bracelet that you could wear everyday and never take off. My absolute favorite part about the bracelet though is that there is no clasp. You simply tie a knot wherever you feel most comfortable and the chain holds and does not bend because of the way that it’s crafted. I could’ve bought an armful of these, especially because I have a small wrist and love things that I can tailor to myself. These would be beautiful as just one or even mixing different colors together.

I also ended up getting this cream romantic blouse by Mystree off of the sale rack. I will be mixing this one up in an outfit I’m sure very soon!

My last rave of the weekend is about these Vince Camuto sandals that our friend’s friend was wearing at Zocalo. I am in loveeee with these sandals and have tried 3 different times to snag them on sale from Rue La La and others in my size. As you can guess, I have seriously failed and seeing her in them may induce me to seeking them out once more. They are definitely my favorite gladiators of the summer, and the buttercream color makes them perfect for any outfit.

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