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June 30, 2014

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Most of you guys keep up with my weekends via Instagram, but now that it’s summer in Chicago I’ve been out and about way more than usual. I blame my phone dying for the lack of photos lately, but I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve been doing.

Last week was a lot of fun… we had the Reward Style team in town for a little educational session at City Winery (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.. bucket list, check!) and I had a delicious dinner at Maude’s afterwards with Blair and Shaheen and finally had a chance to catch up with them. I’m really excited that Shaheen will be in New York in September for her birthday, and we’re trying to coordinate a good weekend for Blair to come visit once she’s back from her honeymoon.

I discovered a new stationary shop near my office — always a treat! Elizabeth Grace is my favorite near my house, but I love finding new ones. You know I love a good card and set of stationary. I learned that Rifle Paper Company has a new line of cards with cities on them and have decided that before I go I need to scoop up the Chicago one! One day when I really settle down into a home I will have that wallpaper in a powder room – I’m tempted to purchase for my new apartment in NY, but my wanderlust is real and creates issues for serious decorating.

Friday night I double dated with Blair and Rob to the opening of a new restaurant here in Chicago called Fig & Olive. It’s perfectly located in the heart of Gold Coast and going to be a hit, I know it. Those of you on the East and West Coast have probably already heard of it, but it’s brand new to the Windy City and we’re excited to have them here! The food that we tasted was unreal and the night was sponsored by Lanvin. The night took some really funny turns.. one of my favorite things about weekends here is having a plan that is open ended and seeing where the night takes us! This time it involved lots of dancing :) .

One of my closest friends from college was in town with his girlfriend (who is awesome by the way) and we spent Saturday at the Cubs game. I was really excited to finally get a Cubs hat (partially because it’s a C, and also because I’ve grown to love Cubs games) and to catch up with them in person. I love having visitors and sharing my favorite spots in the city with first timers. I ended up at the beach for a bit as well after the game and realized that I am really going to miss my walks through the park and phone call catching up around the beach. I know the beach here isn’t really that great, but I do enjoy just going and sitting in the sand every now and then. Maybe it’s because I’m from Dallas and our lakes look like sewers, but I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of being able to even go to a beach.

I’m looking forward to the short week and fun plans here this upcoming weekend for the 4th of July! We spent most of yesterday in the sun and I can’t even tell you how happy it made me. What are your plans for celebrating this 4th of July?

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