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July 25, 2013
Knotted, Tied & Dyed [featuring MiH Jeans]







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Jeans: MiH, Bonn in L.K. wash (c/o) |  Shirt: Nordstrom (similar)  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich MAC  (similar) |  Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar)  |  Earrings: BaubleBar

They say you know a catch when you find one… and that’s how I feel about these jeans. I’ve been on a secret hunt for the most comfortable and reliable jeans I can find since I’m lucky enough to get to wear casual clothes to work. When the fall/winter rolls around, my stacks of jeans come back out and I crave a variety of comfortable options that will last me for the next 9 months of covered leg weather.

When I first put on these MiH jeans (Made in Heaven.. because that’s literally what they feel like) I was sold. They’re the perfect combination of supple and soft but don’t lose their shape the way that true legging jeans do. Not to mention, this print is amazing and 100% my style. I can’t wait to tailor these babies up (because when you’re 5’2″ you get every pair of pants you own tailored.. can I get an amen?) and rock them all summer… and past Labor Day. #rulebreaker


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love that orange top – looks great with your skin tone!! xx

The Casual Classic

Hey gurl, Hey!

It’s been awhile since my last post – good news is, I’ve finally moved!! No more sleeping under heaps of denim at the Nordstrom Rack! I now reside in the spices aisle at Whole Foods… I guess that’s just because I’m Spicy!!!!

Anyway, you are just too kewt! Now that I live in a grocery store, I typically fashion my wardrobe from the bountiful resources around me!

For example: I recreated your blouse by stringing mandarin oranges together – I guess you could say I got a little sticky, but who cares when you’re lookin’ and feelin’ great!!

The MIH jeans were a little tougher to replicate. But I’m a creative person, so … I took some tortillas, lightly singed them on the deli’s panini maker, and used half-cooked noodles as threading to hem the trousers.

Gosh! Now I’m getting hungry!

A lot of people were taking pictures of me on their cell phones, I felt like I was a model walking down the runway – who ever said a runway couldn’t be the toiletry aisle!

Anyway, your posts are so helpful and inspiring. Every night as I’m planning tomorrow’s ensemble, I always check your blog. I am naked without your blog… literally…

Please look for me next time you’re at the Whole Foods on Kingsburry!

With Love,

Darren Tiffany
151 Malibu Rum
Pineapple Juice, Caribou Lou

Adorable! Loving the bag of course and the blouse – I need to learn how to wear more “blousy” tops now that I’m getting the middle aged spread. You show that you can still show off your cure figure without everything being so tight. Looks FAB!

Thank you Sheila! I love blousy tops.. I have too many! Agreed. They are great!

Amen. I kept thinking throughout the photos, “Ooh, I hope she gets those hemmed.” Yep.

Haha, the good ole roll and tuck only works until I wash them :)

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