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September 21, 2016
Need For Green


While I’m catching up on my life and trying to find any kind of groove again, my list of things to do has become a balance between work, being a good friend and family member, blogging, and working on our apartment. We’ve taken things slowly around here, but I’m itching to get a few things ordered and done now that fall is knocking on our door.

We have a couch on it’s way and I’ll be sharing another exciting living room update next week! One thing that our apartment definitely needs once we can determine where to put it is some greenery. We’ve been toying with the idea of adding a small plant or tree into a corner and my fingers are crossed that we can make it work!

We’re looking for something relatively small and that grows more upward than outward. We get tons of light in our unit and watering it regularly wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we also are out of town quite often. Neither of us have a clue where to start and are hoping to make a trip to the flower district at some point to learn more. Do you have any plants or plant advice?

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Can’t wait to see a tour of your new apartment! I’m a florist and I’d recommend a spider plant (aka mother-in-law’s tongue), Norfolk pine, or bird of paradise. Fiddle leaf figs (as in your picture) are beautiful, but they’re pricey and precocious, so it might be best to start with something easy and hard to kill. Hope you find something great! Plants make such a huge impact and will breathe life into your new space.
xo Katy

Thank you for the advice Katy! That’s so helpful. I’m going to check those 3 out!

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