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January 5, 2011
new year, new snow

A bluebird day at Keystone Resort, CO

Do you see those runs in the far right corner of the picture? That’s Breckenridge! You can see it perfectly from the Outback at Keystone Resort (the tallest mountain at the resort at the very back)

Downtown Breckenridge on Main Street is as quaint as can be. Don’t you feel like Tiny Tim is about to pop out of one of those stores any minute?

One of my absolute FAVORITE things about Breckenridge (other than the boarding of course) is this cute little crepe stand called Crepes a La Carte. We discovered it over a year ago and it quickly became the staple and one thing I looked forward to most in regards to food post-shredding. I have a huge sweet tooth so I typically create my own concoction that most likely includes nutella and strawberries and whatever else I’m feeling like. When we were there this past weekend, I was so disappointed when we walked up to the stand on our last night and they were closed! I quickly explained to the guy that I was a die hard fan who had been looking forward to my crepe for the past year, and that this was the last night I could get one because we were leaving the next day. Understanding my craving he threw one together for me and I was so thankful!

I don’t know about you, but when I go anywhere my iPhone is my guiding light for the best places to eat. I heavily rely on Yelp, Urbanspoon, Google and TripAdvisor to steer me into the best restaurants in town when I travel. Come New Year’s Eve, we were without a reservation and hungry to say the least, and also excited to spend some quality time together nearby Main Street so that we could run and see the fireworks after dinner. All signs pointed us to Le Petit Paris, a small French restaurant just off of Main Street in Breckenridge. The entire place was festively decorated for a New Year celebration and we were eagerly greeted by the two French sisters who run the restaurant.

We like to dine out a lot, and I must say this was one of our favorite experiences to date. The food was sublime, the atmosphere was perfect, and the staff made the entire experience more fun and truly enjoyable (the way eating out should be). From the table settings to the service, it was French to the core and 3 hours later we were stuffed to the brim from our fabulous meal. We had legitimate French Onion Soup (I say legitimate because it wasn’t fake and a sad attempt at the dish like most American places), escargot, avocado salad, and a French version of rainbow trout followed by molten chocolate cake. My favorite thing about Europe is how lesiurely everyone takes their meals – there is no rush and it’s all about the company of your meal. You never feel like a cow being herded out the door so as to turn tables and get more tips. This restaurant totally captured the essence of great dining and if you’re ever in Breckenridge, Colorado it’s a must.

These amazing French champagne concoctions that I can’t remember the name of.

Other than the fact that it was FREEZING (and by freezing I mean well below freezing… as in -20 degrees “feels like” -50. Evan and our friend got frostbite! but luckily we headed in ASAP and their noses were saved), all in all it was a spectacular trip and the perfect way to ring in the New Year. I lived up to everything that I had on my list from this post too! I’d love to hear how you spent New Year’s Eve and of course funny stories if you have them! :)

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