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May 12, 2017
A Mother’s Day Note To My Mom

My mom is currently overseas and won’t see this for 2 weeks, so rest assured this will be in her mailbox at the house before she sees it (probably on Facebook) ❤️

Dear Mom,

I’ve been lucky to call myself your daughter for 30 years now, can you believe it?! 30 Mother’s Days for me and you and 32 for you and Jennifer. It almost doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed. This year more than ever I’m humbled by what motherhood means and by the sacrifice that you’ve given our family.

My friends are now becoming mothers and in the last 3 years watching Jennifer do the same it has been an eye-opening experience for me. When we were younger it all seemed so easy – whether it was getting us to practices and games on time, making our homemade lunches every night even if you had to travel for work the next day, driving us all over Dallas for our practices and to see our friends, and getting dinner on the table (while running your own business) you made it seem.. well, effortless.

I fast forward to today and can barely get myself to work and home and usually we end up making pasta a lot of nights with just 2 ingredients – just the pasta and sauce. There are no kids, soccer games, schedules, lunches and I don’t know how it was ever possible that you did everything that you did for us with what you had on your plate.

I have thanked Dad a lot as we’ve gotten older for his sacrifices in our lives – how many times he could’ve moved us to get promoted, the countless hours he spent in airports and hotels for work, and the effort that he made to make sure he was home in time for our games and important milestones. I hope I’ve conveyed this many times before, but in case I haven’t enough or you forgot you should know that I feel the exact same way about you.

When the time came and our lives were getting crazy complicated and busy, you gave up your business that you started with everything you had to be at home with us and put our evolving lives first. The more I learned about how you got started and the risks you took to make it happen made me realize that I’ve gotten so much of my entrepreneurial spirit from you. I can’t imagine how hard that decision must’ve been and I’m so grateful that you had a chance to go back to work and impact so many peoples’ lives once again later in life. You’re amazing at what you do and it’s because you connect with people from the heart. Not many people will get torn up inside to tears about the struggles that other people are going through and how you can help them, but you do.

You always taught us to value what’s inside of a person more than what they were wearing, to be grateful and humble always, and that the proof is in the pudding – hard work and kindness will take you everywhere in life. Your selflessness is something I’ve always admired and hoped to embody as I’ve gotten older.

Now you have 3 years of being a grandma to celebrate, too. I love that as you’ve become a grandma, I see glimpses of our Grandma in you. I know Roman adores you just as much as we all do and that’s so special to see.

I’m so grateful to have a momma that cares so deeply about me, cries every time I leave after I visit, is always there when I need her, and is with me even when we’re far apart. I love you mom!

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That was perfect. Love you and your mama

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