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November 9, 2017
Life Lately, Vol. 8

life lately

Oy. I cannot believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve done one of these! I really meant to keep up with them more frequently, but this summer was extremely busy with all of the weddings we were at and then we got engaged so things haven’t exactly been normal around here lately.

I have to say that entering the last few months of the year always makes me extra nostalgic. I love reflecting back on the year and thought since I haven’t had time to edit photos or write any subsequent posts to go alongside some of my favorite fall/winter pieces I’d stick to what comes easily – writing about life.


A lot of friends have asked how we’re doing post the big engagement! To be honest, it is still just as exciting and surreal in some ways that it all happened. I’m trying to not take my ring off for virtually anything and if I do I place it somewhere extremely safe. The first night we were engaged I went to the bathroom and took it off to wash my hands and left it in there. I jumped out of bed 3 minutes later in a panic and since then have been afraid to take it off of my finger! In general we’re just enjoying this special time being engaged and not under a ton of pressure with wedding planning yet.

Wedding planning process

Speaking of wedding planning… I’m sure a bunch of you guys are wondering what our plan is! We are taking things slow and luckily have plenty of time. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the process and will definitely be keeping some pieces of it just for us, but a lot of the bigger questions and decisions I will happily take advice and thoughts on. While we’ve been to what feels like 1,000 weddings I have absolutely no experience or familiarity with the planning side of things and am soliciting as much advice as possible!

I got a new job

This one came out of blue, but has been one of the other most exciting things happening over here lately. I don’t talk about my job that often on my blog because I like to keep the two relatively separate, but I am really excited to share that I am working for a company that I love and enjoy as a consumer. If you haven’t heard of Away yet, you’re in for a treat! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me post about my suitcases pretty often. We have the bigger carry-on and the carry-on and are completely obsessed with both. We never go anywhere without one of them anymore!

I was just in Charleston

Earlier this summer as we were dancing the night away at one of our best friends’ weddings my girlfriends and I decided we were due for our next girls trip this year. Since we were supposed to be in Korea in October (which I have yet to chat about with you guys, mostly because I’ve avoided thinking about it for a while) we picked a random weekend in November and booked the flights the next day. Talk about sticking to a plan! We rendezvoused in Charleston this past weekend and it was a total blast. We stayed at The Spectator hotel and it was one of the most incredible stays I’ve ever had. The service and hotel were next level and really made us feel like we were the only ones staying there.

This weekend is MG’s birthday

While there has been a lot of excitement around our apartment lately, I’m even more excited to get to celebrate my favorite person this weekend. The lengths that he went through to pull of the most incredible engagement of all time were just short of heroic and I’m really looking forward to a fun/relaxing/pampered weekend with him.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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