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January 6, 2016

The concept of a “new year” sometimes seems synonymous with hitting reset and starting over. There’s something about that January 1 date that just begs everyone to change their ways, turn over new leaves, and get back on track (or at least attempt to).

This might be the first year that I’ve had a completely different way of looking at the New Year. For me, 2016 is about taking the next steps on a journey that I started last year and even going back to foundation that had been laid years before that.

Maybe it’s being so close to my thirties (gulp) and realizing that I’m finally at an age or in a place where I don’t want to start over, but actually just continue moving forward on the same path that I’m on. Whatever it is, I’m happy to say that there’s nothing I want to drastically change in the last year of my twenties–only things that I want to increase in my life.

Less clutter, more quality

“Edit” is the appropriate word for what I’ve done in my closet over the past few years. Some of that has been due to the lack of space (thank you New York City) and some due to a change in my tastes. I’ve started a new rule that if I can’t picture myself wearing the piece to at least 3 things and with a few other pieces I already own, it’s not getting purchased. There’s always going to be a place and a sense of craving creatively for me for those quick little additions, especially in the summertime, but for now we’re going with things that will last me longer than a fading season.

Giving Back

Do you ever have moments where you overwhelmed with how much you have been given and blessed with? I do… all of the time. It comes in waves and sometimes sneaks up on the most random of days, but I’m learning how to take those moments and find places to channel it. I have a few places that I give to that are near and dear to my heart, so if you’re ever looking for a suggestion shoot me an e-mail.

Unplugging more often

I took a pretty big step back this past year from being so enraptured in my phone and on social media. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, strategy, growth, etc. when you have a blog. I didn’t realize until I took a lessened approach how quickly you can lose the excitement of how fun social media can be. This year is all about balance and finding the right times to engage and the right times to soak up whatever I’m doing in life. One of my biggest hopes this year is to find the right balance of enjoying what I’m doing, using pictures to capture it quickly (because my memory is starting to get worse and I love photos), and just savoring the moments then and later.

Be a grown up (where it matters)

I had a long conversation with my roommate and sister recently about this topic and have devised that I’m torn. On one hand, it’s important to know where your priorities lie.. if you value your time (which is very high on my list) and would prefer to (and can afford) to pay people for assistance with annoying life tasks such as accounting, cleaning, etc. then bravo to you for freeing yourself from these horribly laborious tasks… please go do something fun with your time. If you value your money (or can’t afford) to pay people for assistance with these things, you have a few options. These days there are about a zillion apps and websites that can help make these things more manageable. One of my favorite money apps is Level and I’ve come to live and survive by Google Shopping Express (you can get free delivery). More to come on life hacks for faking adulthood in the upcoming weeks!

Thanking people

It’ll never get old, it’ll never go unappreciated. Whether it’s just saying it out loud, in an e-mail, in a text message, on a handwritten card, or with a big hug it’s something that I’ve seen younger generations don’t understand and older generations will hate to see dissipate. Thankful hearts, you guys.. thankful hearts.

Being opinionated (and being ok with it)

It’s taken me a long time to settle with the idea that saying what you want isn’t a bad thing. When I was younger I used to associate this with complaining, being high maintenance and just plain annoying. Now I see it as being open about what you want or like and more honesty than anything.

So that’s my take on this year–onward and upward! How are you planning on tackling 2016?

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Many thanks for sharing this first-class post. Very inspiring!

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These are great resolutions! I’m also trying to unplug and read more. Hope you have a great new year!

The Style Scribe

It’s going to be hard, but I feel like when I have done it I feel so much better afterward. Happy New Year can’t wait to see you soon! xo

I think 2016 will be a top notch year Christine!! The priorities you’ve set are solid and will bring so many emotional benefits. Happy New Year!

Thank you Erin! I hope it’s wonderful for you too, hope things are going well! :)

Great resolutions, especially thanking people! So important.

Love your rings in that photo!

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