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September 2, 2016
4 To Go


You’re probably thinking “4 months left in 2016!”. But really I’m talking about the fact that there are only 4 months left until my 30th birthday (woof.). And yes, I guess there are only 4 months left in the year too.

I don’t know how it’s already September, but I guess time really does fly when you’re having an absolute blast. This year has been so jam packed, but so amazing. It’s a little early to start fully reminiscing but maybe because I’m about to say sayonara to my 20’s I’ve felt myself growing up a bit as of late.

As much as things have been changing in life lately on the exterior I’ve felt it carry through in other ways. I’ve stopped buying as many impulse, one and done pieces and found myself using extra money and gift cards towards bigger purchases that I know I’ll use and wear a lot, like these booties I’ve ordered to get myself excited for fall!

This summer flew by and we didn’t have as much time as I had hoped to knock some things off of the NYC Bucket List. The good news is we already have a few things lined up to check off in the next few months. We moved down near the Brooklyn Bridge, so that’ll be an easy one and I’m hoping to make it to my first Giants game now that football season is finally here.

I didn’t make a bucket list for turning 30 and as it’s getting closer I started feeling like “wait, did I do it all?”. But then I started realizing how much I’ve done in my 20’s and how it wasn’t a sprint it was quite the marathon and one that I have no regrets about. I think the only thing left that I’d like to do is something extra spontaneous and thrilling. Who knows, maybe we’ll take a midweek trip somewhere for 48 hours and gamble a bunch and come home broke!

We’re off to spend the long weekend in Connecticut and I’m excited to catch up with some friends during the trip. It’s one of my last chances to break out my favorite summer dresses like this chambray off the shoulder number and my favorite cutoff shorts. We’ll also be scooping up some of the next things on our apartment decorating list this weekend during all of the big sales! I already scooped up a few things, including this flirty skirt that I’m excited to take into fall. Here are some of my favorites:

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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