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December 5, 2016
Life Lately Vol. V


With the end of the year around the corner I wanted to share a few quick updates before this week’s lineup of posts around gifts and outfits! This weekend was amazing for a lot of reasons, but we made some serious moves around the apartment!

Our living room is almost done

I shared this before but with our huge window we really wanted to find some furniture that worked for the space. We teamed up with Scout Design Studio to make these custom swivel chairs that were lower and would allow us to enjoy the view. They arrived a few weeks back, but we weren’t ready to rearrange the room. They’re finally in their home and even after just one day in their place they’ve proven to be the perfect place to sit and watch the TV and boats on the Hudson!

We have a bar (area)

We bought this shelf a few months ago and it has been sitting there waiting to be hung. Our drill died when we tried to hang it over Thanksgiving weekend and we finally caved and tried someone from Handy. Our guy was actually great and he got it up! Right now it’s home to all of our glasses and mugs and we are loving the way it looks in the kitchen.

Our Christmas tree is up

Like so many others this weekend we went and found ourselves a Christmas tree in the city! I’ve only lived in an apartment big enough to have a Christmas tree once and it was the most amazing month getting to come home to the smell. We really wanted to fit one in our place and found the perfect little guy for a corner. The lights are on and now for the ornaments!

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Bedroom updates

We are still putting final touches on the bedroom, but if you saw on Instagram stories over the weekend I made some serious organization progress in our dresser. One of our bedside tables arrived recently rounding out the furniture and our bedding recently arrived as well! Now we’re onto frames and decor.

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I’m so excited to be heading into December with major progress on the home front and a full agenda of fun things to do this month. What are you looking forward to?

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