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August 10, 2013
back to the bay

SF trip

Clockwise: Cable cars | monograms from my hotel room | fun prints I scooped up at Crossroads Trading | crab & shrimp stuffed artichoke at Woodhouse Fish Company


I’m finally headed back to Chicago after 2 weeks of being out of town! After a long, amazing week at home with my family I headed back to the Bay for a few days in San Francisco. This city has had a special place in my heart for quite some time and a variety of reasons and I love visiting.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone on a solo adventure (like back in the old days when I started the blog! I actually went by the exact same spot where I shot that post for deja vu’s-sake) so I was pretty excited about it. You guys know I’m not afraid to wander to another city for the weekend (like the time I went to Paris for 48 hours) and I actually find it really therapeutic. I don’t think other people would like to do some of the things I end up doing on these… this trip was short and I only spent a few hours in the city but I made the most of it! Here’s a peek at what I did in the 7 hours I was in the city:


— Bargain hunting at Crossroads Trading in Pacific Heights —
— Walking up & down Fillmore (in heels) —
— Amazing dinner (see above) at Woodhouse Fish Company
— Yogurt at Fraiche
— Coffee & zucchini bread from farm:table
— Window shopping around Union Square —
— Fabric hunting at Britex Fabrics
— Vintage T-Shirt shopping at the Goodwill Flagship store
— Designer consignment heaven at Jeremy’s

What are some of your favorite spots in SF? I’m in the process of updating my San Francisco page and soon you’ll see all of my favorites there. More to come when I land back in Chicago!


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[…] If you live in or ever visit San Francisco, take a tip from fellow blogger Krystal Bick and head over to Jeremy’s department store. As a vintage/consignment fan, I appreciate that they have glass door closets full of everything from Chloe to Marc Jacobs and a wall that will make a designer shoe lover squeal of excitement. I hit the size 5 jackpot finding these Alexander Wang’s there on my recent visit! […]

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