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December 30, 2013
Looking Back & Looking Forward

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This year has been another quick, but exciting whirlwind. I say this every year, but I really cannot believe the year is over! I didn’t do a blog anniversary post, so I wanted to take this time to really thank the people in my life who have made this possible.

When I left Texas a little over 2 years ago, I never would’ve expected to be where I am today. I mean that so wholeheartedly – my life has completely changed and I have so much to be grateful for. I came to Chicago with a new outlook, a new job, and quite frankly a new me that was ready to get down to business while having fun. This second year here has been much different.. I actually feel like this is my home now. I know how to get around and when people give me intersections I actually nod my head knowing what they’re talking about, I don’t feel the need to go somewhere new every single weekend, and I’m just happy. It was definitely a year of growth.

To everyone in the Chicago community — other bloggers, brands, PR teams, and just people — you all have made this year so incredible! I was a little nervous after having taken a year off from blogging on how things would go, but you have been most welcoming and I am so thankful to be a part of this great city. My friends and family — those who encouraged me to get myself back in the blogging game at the beginning of the year once I finally settled in — you guys are the best! Thank you for pushing me to pursue something I love and enjoy so much.

I had a moment later on in the year where I realized that there’s always going to be a trade off if you’re going to pursue something worthwhile. There are never going to be enough hours in the day.. not now and not ever. Before you know it the year is over and you’re onto the next one. I challenge each of you guys to find what excites you and puts a smile on your face and set aside time for that this upcoming year. Whether it’s a new hobby, spending time serving others, pursuing a career in a field you don’t know by taking night classes, working out or making cookies I’m encouraging you to put your mind to it and make it happen! Because if you don’t, no one will. There were plenty of days when I thought I was too busy or tired to shoot/edit/create/e-mail/network, but the best thing about passion is that it can’t be stopped easily. Truthfully, it was living in the moment that kept me going. Opportunities surface and sometimes don’t return — I don’t want to look back and regret the nights I didn’t stay up late working for something that could open doors I didn’t know existed… and that’s exactly what happened this year.

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After I kickstarted everything again, things couldn’t have been more amazing. I was able to style a fashion show with my friend Lily earlier this year thanks to Jess & Erica at Cheeky Chicago who took a chance on two adopted girls with a taste for sending boys down the runway in bowties and wingtips. Madewell had me over to style and host a shopping event at their new store in Gold Coast, and thanks to Kelly and Jill and the Chicago Blogger Network I spent a morning on WGN TV with Rent the Runway.

One long weekend in May I spent 3 straight days (I’m not kidding, I counted by the hour) redesigning my site with these two hands and a lot of coffee! I’m over the moon with the new look and thankful for Blair’s help with the logo! It’s definitely more fluid and works with what I’d like to share with you guys. I ended up streamlining the content, adding a Petite section, a Makeover/Beauty Product Tool and a Gift Guide that will extend beyond just the Holidays for when you’re searching for gifts for the special people in your life.

And then there were some really fun and exciting appearances on Refinery 29, Glamour, collaborations with MiH Jeans, Cadillac, Poshmark, Purely App, The Limited, and Henry and Belle and more. Not to mention met some amazing people at events here in the city such as the Nike Winter Fit challenge and the Second City social secret dining society.

I also had a blast playing with styles this year. You saw, but my love of stripes, bold colors and prints continues to live on. I finally embraced the cold weather and am always working on leveraging my existing favorites with new ones from the current seasons.


So what’s next?

I’m really excited to be re-vamping things a bit again! In the coming few weeks, you’re going to be able to search my previous outfits by category and shopping with me will be easier than ever. Stay tuned for more on both of these exciting changes!

You will also start seeing more content that you can shop directly from Instagram to your inbox when you sign up for “Like To Know It”. Instagram is the best for quick inspiration, but there are plenty of times when I stumble upon awesome things that don’t make sense for a full blown post or when you want to look at something later when you’re at your computer. I’ll link to great sale finds, outfits that don’t make it on the blog and other awesome finds so don’t forget to sign up and keep on likin’!

Petite gals everywhere, rejoice! I’m going to be building even more petite resources for you and will now be including sizing info for clothing pieces in the details so you can understand how items fit a smaller frame. We’re going to be saving time and money avoiding mailing back those online items for returns!

Last but not least, the content will be evolving as well. I love hearing from you and getting responses on what you enjoy. You’ll be seeing more posts that are interviews with people in fashion that I admire and other points of view from petites. There are so many valuable resources that I want to continue to share with you!

And if you’re in Chicago and are a blogger we’re kicking this year off with an exciting collective just for you. Starting mid-January the Windy City Blogger Collective will be your destination for information on events, other bloggers and resources, and just a happy and fun place to come enjoy great content and great people. Sign up now to stay in the loop on the exciting things to come.

I hope you’re as excited as I am! :) In 2 days I’ll be celebrating my birthday and the start of another exciting and adventurous year.. I’m so happy you all want to come along. I wouldn’t be here today without you and so for each of you reading this just pretend for a few seconds that you’re getting this from me…. (a huge hug for those afraid to click).

2014, here we come!

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You’ve been busy girl! Lovely post and so exciting to see such great things happening to you. You’re in inspiration for me to reboot and get things moving in 2014.

Stay well, keep doing big things!

Thank you Maiah :).. it’s so great to hear from you! I was just thinking about you the other day actually and popped over to your blog to see how things were going. I hope this year brings you some exciting changes and much inspiration! xo

This post makes me SO happy! My heart just kept smiling as I read on – so proud of you CP and all you’re doing/going to do! Keep it up + GET 2014!


You’re the best and I’m so grateful for your support M! Let’s get it this year! :)

Connor Kilpatrick
- Reply

Keep it up, Christine! You’re doing a great job! While my writing is focused in a different field, your blog and dedication is always an inspiration.


Thank you Connor! That’s so sweet and I really appreciate it.. happy new year!

Aww, congrats on an amazing year – you deserve it all! Here’s to a great 2014!! xoxo


Thanks Kim, right back at you! I’ve loved following your success too it makes me happy to see such sweet women killin it :) xo!

“I realized that there’s always going to be a trade off if you’re going to pursue something worthwhile. There are never going to be enough hours in the day.. not now and not ever.”

I love that — ain’t it the truth? I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog and zig-zagged my way to this post. You are lovely! Have a fantastic NYE, and I wish you all the best – lots of health, happiness, and blogging success – in 2014! :)

good luck with everything, from a native texan living abroad :)

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