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February 20, 2014
Winter Staples

black faux fur coat, leather, winter style

black faux fur coat, leather, winter style, alexander wang, dolce vita booties

black faux fur coat, leather, winter style, bold lip

black faux fur coat, leather, winter style, quilted leather

black faux fur coat, leather, winter style, bold lip

Photos by Heather Mowatt

One of the positive things about this time of the year and living in Chicago is that the retail stores are obligated to start rotating winter clothes out and spring clothes in. You know what that means? S-A-L-E-S. Yup… and really good ones. I promised myself this year I wouldn’t buy much at the end of the season because I’ve notoriously been bad about it, but some of the deals have been too good to pass up.

I used to live 4 blocks away from Topshop (yea, a big problem when there are only 4 U.S. stores and only recently have they started showing up at Nordstrom.. a very strategic and smart move I must say) and would find myself wandering in on my way home from work. Just so you know it was 4 blocks past my apartment meaning I would purposefully miss my stop and conveniently end up right outside the door.

Anyways, this was an amazing faux fur motorcycle jacket that I scored a year ago majorly on sale. It has been a staple of mine this winter because it’s so warm and also makes me feel a bit more put together still. I find myself wearing a lot of the same things in the winter – in particular this quilted leather skirt (that I can’t wait to wear without tights, sheesh), my go to Alexander Wang bag and recently these Dolce Vita ankle booties. Oh yea, and all black of course #gotomoves. What are your winter staples?


Top: Topshop black faux fur motorcyle jacket (similar), Covergirl flipstick in ‘Vixen’  •  Bottom: Express quilted faux leather skirt (similar), Merona tights, DV by Dolce Vita ‘Colten’ booties •  Extras: Alexander Wang Rocco bag

I must know the name and shade of your lipstick in this post!

Ling, I’m not sure because it was last year but I’ll try to look for you!

Take your time but please do if the name hits you. :)

I know what you mean about the end of season sales. They are so dangerous! Especially this year when I don’t even feel badly about buying more winter clothing because it seems like this winter will never end!


SO dangerous .. I’m needing any excuse to be happier since this weather is awful!

A nice warm jacket is definitely a must for wintertime! And black, black is such a go-to hey? One thing I don’t have though are tights…!! I don’t have many skirts though atm, that’s why haha but they’d definitely come in handy for ppl that do! :)

Cachoo Joo

I love this whole outfit! All black is always my go to look. That jacket is perfect.


Thank you Dana! I’m glad I’m not the only one :)

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