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January 18, 2014

Image via Celeste Summer


Hallelujah! It’s the freakin weekend. We had a crazy fun time last night at the Second City Club’s speakeasy soiree! It was so fun getting to know some of my new Chicago friends, their husbands, and as always we enjoyed delicious food & wine. If you haven’t heard about it yet and you’re in the city you should check it out and apply! I can’t disclose where it was, but holy smokes it was one of the coolest apartments I’ve ever seen here in Chicago. It blows my mind that places like this exist and you would never know walking by. I snapped a picture of the dining table just so you can see what I mean.. that table wouldn’t even fit in our living room/kitchen! One day I’ll have a lot more space and fun with decorating but for now, I’ll just stick to things that can fit in my closet :).

My insomnia is turning into a great way to discover new sites, fun people to follow on Instagram and a lotttt of late night pinning. Here are a few of my favorites:


Almost Makes Perfect’s instagram account // simple and gorgeous photography

The Niche // inspiring, creative people and their stories

Likes of Us // simple and clean design and posts

Have a delightful Saturday and Sunday, y’all!



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