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October 10, 2011
Project Runway Season 9 at NYFW

HUGE hug & love to Kendall who helped me snap some of these shots.. what a fun morning! :)

vimeo Project Runway Season 9 at NYFW S/S 12

9 designers. Season 9. One of my favorite shows at NY Fashion Week simply because it was so long. Typically a show doesn’t last more than 10-15 minutes max, but the Project Runway show went on for close to 45 minutes or so. We had incredible seats directly in the line of sight of the judges – who by our observations take fake notes during some of the designers’ shows just to make it harder to tell ‘who is in & who is out’ (as Heidi says). I had a few favorites so I’m excited to see the finale and if my predictions watching the collections come down the runway were right!

AWESOME Photos and video, I would have loved to be in attendance at this show. I LOVED this season and Anya is by far my favorite

Thanks Tamika! I love Anya too, she’s great :)

Great photos! Looks like you had a great time.

It was amazing! Thank you :)

everything about this is lovely. i didn’t even realize you guys were there for 45 mins!

I almost went to this but decided against it. Yay for a long show, that would have been nice. Great photo.

You should’ve Riiiiia!

LOVE this.
I am so happy to of done and this with you by my side, it honestly MADE fashion week for me.

the video is perfection C.

Right back at you love :)

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