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October 5, 2011
Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful & Giveaway!


When I was contacted by Bobbi Brown cosmetics to help promote their ‘Pretty Powerful’ campaign, the first person who came to mind was my mom. The campaign is about women who are pretty powerful and encourages women all over the country to submit their own entries for the chance to become the next face of her campaign. Not only is my mom’s name also Bobbie (with an e), but she is one of the best candidates in my mind of someone who is pretty powerful.

My mom works with Alzheimers & stroke patients on a daily basis to help them improve their functional communication skills. Many of them have lost the ability to communicate or struggle with daily things that we often take for granted, and she helps restore those skills to them. My mom was also an entrepreneur and started her own successful speech pathology company, too. She is a light and an encouragement for myself and hopefully for you, too! She has always taught me to pursue what is in my heart and has been an incredible example of how to give back to others as well.

One of YOU could be the face of Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful campaign AND the lucky winner of a Bobbi Brown makeup gift bag! All you have to do is tweet about who you think is Pretty Powerful using the hashtag #prettypowerful – if you need some ideas you can look here. You could also submit your own video to enter as well. Make sure to mention me so that I see it (@cpetric) and consider yourself entered!

Also feel free to check out her new blog, Everything Bobbi that just launched recently! :)

Stay tuned for details on when the contest ends and be sure to tweet me to enter! xo



Your mom sounds amazing!!! She is surely a light into the world and very beautiful!

Thank you! :) she is pretty amazing…

Very sweet post – love that you wrote about your mom! Sounds like a great cause – followed your blog <3

Yay! Glad you’re following! Feel free to enter the giveaway too by tweeting :) I’ll be checking out your blog as well!

your momma is absolutely beautiful. what an inspiration to all of us :) so glad you shared!

Thank you love I’ll tell her you said so! :)

Your mom looks gorgeous! Hope your entire family is well.


Thanks Connor!

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