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October 20, 2010
Best of S/S11 RTW in Video

There were a handful of shows from London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks that were absolutely breathtaking. Between all 4 fashion weeks combined you’re destined to see amazing creations and be very impressed at the work of these designers. However, there are only a few shows that gave me actual chills and these are the ones I am choosing to post about.


Chanel was, hands down, the winner. An 84 look collection accompanied by an 80 piece orchestra was the perfect match for my pick for this season’s best show. The looks were classic Chanel with a sense of edginess to them – like a sophisticated woman who wanted to show that she also has a more interesting side to her that she lets loose every now and then. The music was intriguing yet triumphant and made this entire show feel more like a short play or movie that we were witnessing unfold. In the midst of the chaos that was the complicated and intertwined runway, there was perfect symmetry and a definitive feel to the entire show. The other day I had thought to myself, ‘I wish someone would bring back the really short short in a fashionable and un-trashy way’ and Karl Lagerfeld did just that with some of the looks. The jackets over shorts looks were stunning and I was pleasantly surprised that we were one the same wavelength with that one. Perhaps it was also the setting, the Grand Palais, that was so inspiring. Lagerfeld mentioned in an interview that he was inspired by Versailles and that being one of my favorite places in the world, I may be partial to this show because of that epic factor. If not that, he sealed the deal when Brad Koenig and his son strolled out in matching white Chanel jackets on denim. It was an absolutely adorable unexpected twist that made this show the highlight of the Spring/Summer 2011 collections… j’adore.

LANVIN. wow.

Although it’s supposedly a big “no-no” to post things that steer people away from your blog, I would rather share the best of the best than worry about blogging etiquette. Of all of the videos I watched of the Lanvin show, blogger Garance Dore captured it the best. You can view the show here and be just as wowed as I was.


Lady with a twist. Do you see a trend here? *cough* Chanel…

I loved the way they paired ladylike jackets and skirts with sheer, baggy awesomeness to create amazing looks that I would love to wear. For me this was one of my favorites because of the inventiveness. Anyone can do color-blocking, bright punchy prints, or neutrals for spring but this show was much more than that for me, so thumbs up.


This is what I wish I could wear everyday … super edgy and glam but absolutely casual and accessible at the same time. I’m loving the safety pin detail (I have something in mind for a DIY post) and the hardware element that gives the looks. I’m a huge fan of Balmain already and this show hit the spot for me in terms of what I would wear on a daily basis.

Spent the weekend in San Fran and am trying to catch up on life. I’ll let you know when I’m there…Have a great week everyone!

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