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October 1, 2014
Changing Leaves

BOO! Happy October! I cannot believe we’re 9 months down in 2014.. time has really been flying. I’m finally switching over fully to Fall/Winter outfits and looking to Pinterest these days to remind myself of what that even means. Is it just me or does it feel like that was forever and a day ago?

I’ll surely be seeing and wearing lots of tartan and plaid and giving my quilted coat a lot of love. I’m most excited to get a chance to layer a bit more before it gets really cold – Fall was a short season in Chicago and I’m hoping to have a bit longer to try things out!

Outside of that, I’m really hoping to make it to Brooklyn for a day, take a sunset boat ride around the island, lounge and read in a new park, and try at least 5 new places outside of my neighborhood.

What are you most excited about for Fall?


Image via Pinterest

I can’t believe it’s already October! I love that scarf in the picture – I’m looking for one just like it for Fall!

Crumbs & Curls

Fall is my favorite season mainly because of Fall Fashion. I hope the season lasts longer this year here in Chicago!

xo, Jen

Hi Christine. I am wondering how you find the Bamaa sandals you wore on August 14th’s blog. I love them on you and thought I might get some for our summer. They are now 40% off. Comfortable? TTS? Have they stretched much? Have you been happy with the ankle straps for petites? Thanks Christine. I look forward to your reply.

Hi Deb! They’re my favorite sandals of the summer.. super comfortable, they’ve stretched a tiny bit just from the first wear but nothing drastic, just to where they are comfy. The ankle straps are great – I sometimes have to roll my jeans a bit since I don’t wear cropped pants but they fit really well. If anything run slightly small I am able to wear the 5.5 but normally wear a 5. Here’s a direct link! http://bit.ly/1sXs0nZ

Gosh, I am wearing the same as your photo today right now! We are in early spring here in Australia and I look forward to the warm, light filled, sunny, fun days ahead, wearing one layer, silk dresses and tops, lots of white and summer footwear.

Down here in Australia, spring has sprung, and I look forward to the warm, light filled, fun days ahead wearing single layers, silk dresses, lots of white and summer footwear.

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