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September 18, 2015
People StyleWatch: Finding Your Perfect Denim









I can’t even tell you how excited I am for today! The October issue of People StyleWatch is out and yours truly is a part of a great piece on how to find denim for your body type.

Jeans are my jam and I’ve found over the years that they’re an incredibly personal thing. You can be similar proportions to someone and jeans can fit you completely differently. To each his own for sure! I’ve literally never in my life walked out of a store with a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly and didn’t require me to go to a tailor, so when People Style reached out to me about participating in the feature I was all in.

After trying on over 15 pairs, I finally landed on the one! They were a skinny crop that fit just right at the ankles and in the bottom. It was love and the perfect fit as soon as I put them on. We ended up pairing it with a simple peplum top (which you guys know I love) and a pair of fierce pumps – totally my kind of look.

The photo shoot was a total blast (and actually really hard–a great reminder as to why I could never be a real model outside of the fact that I looked like a small child on set) and I loved getting to be silly and have fun with it. I hope you guys enjoy the story and don’t forget to pick up a copy! I’d love to hear what you think and which body type you resonate with. Happy Friday!


JEANS: BlankNYC skinny crop jeans  •  TOP: Ann Taylor petite peplum shell  •  SHOES: Topshop metallic pumps


Photos: Rebecca Reed/People StyleWatch

What a great opportunity. You look fabulous in your perfect jeans, the peplum top and pumps. Classics really.

i mean could you look more beautiful?! congrats on the article and i misssss you. hope you enjoyed my snap this morning hahahaha. xo

Did you find any good flare jeans for your height?

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