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March 5, 2011
New York, New York with love

“A life without love is like a year without summer.” – Swedish proverb

This Valentine’s Day was a little out of the box for me, but I could not have even dreamed up how amazing this day turned out! I went to Jenny Packham in the morning where I ended up getting to sit front row (holy cow, still reeling), Carlos Miele, Sachin + Babi and was fortunate enough to attend an event with Peter Davis in the American Express Skybox.

For this day of love I found this peter-pan collared heart shaped blouse by Cooperative at Urban Outfitters (and on sale) and thought that although it was a bit cliche, I had to pull it out – after all it was Valentine’s Day! It paired perfectly with these trousers I stumbled upon – my best deal in a while. I was searching for some cropped trousers made out of more flowy material because I hate stiff pants and had this idea set in my mind. I found some at Express of all places the night before I left for NY, the last pair in my size, and upon checking out I find out that they’re on sale – $80 $12. Cha-ching! I’m obsessed and will be searching for colored options of the same for spring. They’re just so easygoing. The material makes them seem dressy but they’re secretly super comfortable. In hand I have a vintage faux fur coat that I got in the L.A. and my Topshop bee earrings on my lobes to keep things interesting.

I also wore my Aldo Basinki platforms that are my new favorite black sandals, and paired them with….. *gasp* socks. Yes… I finally did it. The trend that has hit every runway in the world now made its debut on my size 5 feet for the first time – and I kind of loved it! Of all of the days to try this “Man-Repelling” (see link for definition and understanding) I had to go for it on the same day as the peter pan collar blouse – I was obviously going for the full effect here of a true man repeller. While I think some people have gone a bit overboard with the whole socks and heels thing, I honestly think there are times when it works. I went black on black this time so it was much more unnoticeable (it was my first time ok?) but eventually I’m sure I’ll venture out into a contrasting combo. I’m usually down to try things at least once just to see how it goes, and I’m becoming more and more unconventional. “First step cheese pizza, next step flaming batons!” Ok I’m quoting Sandra Bullock now, I’ll stop.

On this lovely Valentine’s day and my last day at New York Fashion week I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting Peter Davis, the new editor of Avenue Magazine and the New York correspondent for Italian Vogue at the American Express Tweet Up event in the skybox at Lincoln Center. The skybox is a very intimate setting with fun lighting, plush seating and views into the Theater and the Stage at Lincoln Center – the two largest spaces for runway shows. We were treated to some snacks and champagne and were able to settle in before the guest of honor arrived.

The tweet up was basically a Q&A with Peter Davis in which we could tweet out everything that was being discussed and ask our own questions as well. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from an influential and knowledgeable insider in the industry, and I really enjoyed Peter Davis. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion via my tweets!

  • On presentations vs. runway shows:

I totally agree with @PeterDavisNYC, presentations are fabulous because you get an up close, long look at the collection.

  • On diversity on the runway:

“I wanna see more black girls, Asian girls on the runway. I’m sick of celebrities on magazines, let’s make supermodels.” -Peter Davis

  • On social media’s impact on fashion:

“People don’t live within their age bracket because of social media.. I don’t wanna friend my mom on Facebook!” @PeterDavisNYC #amexfashion

  • On the internet:

“People live online.. Tmz tells you who’s going to jail before they go to jail” @PeterDavisNYC #amexfashion

  • On how to build a wardrobe when you’re on a budget:

Shoes and bag are key pieces, then just wear @Topshop_tweets #amexfashion

  • On runway trends this fall:

Open backs are sexy, the new cleavage .. If you have a good back – @PeterDavisNYC #amexfashion

  • On what’s next for Avenue Magazine:

@PeterDavisNYC says Avenue will have Chris Benz on the cover as the next great American designer #MBFW + 38 best dressed #amexfashion

  • On the massive amount of fur seen on the runways at NYFW/his desire to see more faux instead of real fur:

@peterdavisnyc sharing his thoughts on fur.. “it’s better off in the forests” #amexfashion

  • On his Valentine’s day outfit:

“I look like a Russell Stover’s box” – Peter Davis #amexfashion

Vintage helmut Lang pants, red sweater and red shoes #amexfashion @americanexpress

  • On the View from 5 ft. 2:

Peter Davis likes the name of my blog #happyvdaytome

He also mentioned in response to my question, ‘what do you think about bloggers’ that he loves bloggers and thinks they’re great – which makes me love Peter Davis and think he’s great in return :).

Peter Davis and I after the event – if there were Valentine’s Day cards sent from Fashion Week we would’ve been on one.

Peter Davis also has a sister, Minnie Mortimer, who has begun to make quite a name for herself with her clothing line. Her designs have appeared in magazines such as Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire and more. Her clothes are stylish, affordable, and according to Miranda Kerr “comfortable and wearable“. Be on the lookout for more from Minnie Mortimer!

Hope you enjoyed the tweet up highlights! Also, my apologies on the lag in all of these NYFW posts (it’s a bit sad that my Valentine’s post ended up in March) but I prefer to bring you the best posts that I possibly can, and that requires a bit more time! One thing I really took away from the blogging conference in New York was that content rules over frequency. I would rather bring you guys a really great post every few days as opposed to uploading pictures and comments underneath them everyday. I hope you all enjoy that about the blog and would love to hear your feedback! <3

Obsessing over your look! You are gorgeous. Peter Davis officially makes me want pink pants like yesterday.


Aw, thanks Erika! I totally agree. He makes me want to mix bright colors fearlessly. I’m totally feeling it for spring.. it will go with my anti-black campaign haha :)

right there.
you look flawless – I’m so happy we have a posse for next season lol – we can run around the city going from event to event =}
you would be the best valentine day card – the two of you are fabulously tacky in valentines delight!

& the trousers … sigh … heaven

ME TOO! seriously, New York needs to get ready for round 2 because this time we will be in full effect for more than just one night! I can’t wait it will be epic :)

You look gorgeous & I am so sad I couldn’t make it to the SkyBox! I love your black slacks, and that shirt is just darling. Preshhh <3


I know, so sad! It was amazing I wish you could’ve come… I would’ve had a partner in crime! :) Next time though…

love your black pants!! theyre great


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

Thanks love! Such an amazing deal :)

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