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November 30, 2016
Making Date Nights Special

When you live with your significant other, every night is kind of a date night by definition. In my single days a date night meant that we were going to see each other and so I would mayyybe try a little harder getting ready that morning and make sure I was wearing something cute. Non-date nights usually meant I was going to workout after work (translation: can look like absolute hell all day and not care) or go home and chill.

The best thing about living together is that you eliminate the question of “am I going to see them later?” because the answer is always yes. On the flip side, you definitely have to make a point to go out and create true “date nights” again.

MG’s birthday was 2 weeks ago and I had made a plan to take him out a few nights before things were going to be hectic. Back in the day we usually planned the date a few days in advance, but played the actual spot a little more by ear during the day which was always fun. Even just making the reservation and having the date set I started getting excited to go back to one of our favorite restaurants in our old neighborhood that we hadn’t been to in a while.

As I was getting ready that morning it felt just like it did when we had first started dating – getting excited about the night and just seeing where the night was going to take us (which was often to our favorite bar around the corner).

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I have a pretty simple “date night” outfit that I find myself gravitating to regularly, especially in the winter. It’s as simple as this: fitted top + skirt + over the knee boots (when it’s cold) and a coat. I usually curl my hair and amp up my regular makeup routine a little bit with some eyeshadow and maybe a subtle lip. It’s the combination that makes me feel the most like myself and to me on any date that’s one of the most important things to keep in mind.

We started with drinks at a bar in our new neighborhood and then ventured to our dinner spot. It was as good as ever – we cleaned our plates. We usually go to a place that we’ve celebrated several birthdays and other special occasions, but I’m always a fan of finding neighborhood spots and new places to call your local spots.

In SoHo we love Da Silvano and more recently fell in love with Aunt Jake’s. Downtown we’re loving Dorlan’s Tavern for a quicker date night and we’re excited to try the new Beekman Hotel restaurant soon! No matter what the place is, it’s the idea of setting aside that time just the two of us that is so refreshing especially during what can be stressful or hectic weeks.

How do you make special date night plans?



Photos by Bekka Palmer

Hi Christine! Love this outfit, you look amazing! I previously commented on another post about your Jcrew stadium coat and ended up purchasing that–thanks for the inspo! For this coat did you order the XS and did you have to tailor it at all?

Amazing! Love that you have that coat as well. I did get the XS and it fit perfectly. I hope you enjoy it, too!

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